Advice for Expecting Mothers

Advice For Expectant Mothers

Every pregnancy is precious irrespective of whether it is first time or not. Expectant mothers need to take care of their health very carefully and follow proper nutrition regime. How the mother takes care of herself decides the fate of the little one who is developing in the womb.

Listen what  grandma’ s advice for expectant mothers.

1. Take extra care in the first 3 months – do not lift heavy items and do not do heavy exercises

2. If you are suffering from nausea and vomiting then avoid spicy food and restaurant foods.

3. Consume fruits juices like pomegranate juice to build strength of the uterus.

4. Eat almonds every morning – protein is essential for the baby to grow.

5. Consume pistachio and walnuts – they are good for baby’s development too.

6. Eat less salt and fat. Too much salt after 7 months onwards can cause edema (water retention in the body).

7. Consume clarified butter (ghee) everyday.  For a cup of hot rice put little ghee and eat before continuing with your meal.  Ghee helps to relax and increases baby’s brain strength.

8. Eat iron rich foods like spinach, celery, artichoke, apples, banana, lettuce.

9. Consume protein in the form of yogurt, tofu (soya product) and some amount of lentil or dal.

10. Calcium rich foods are important too during pregnancy – The pregnant mom needs three or more glasses of low fat or nonfat milk or fortified soymilk every day before, during, and after pregnancy while nursing the little baby.

11. Drink good amount of water and lots of good fluids – drink nutritious beverages, such as reduced-sodium V8, orange juice, or nonfat milk to get your fluids.

12. Do not be hungry for long time. Keep a bottle of dry fruits in your room. Dry fruits  especially figs and almonds  provide a large number of nutrients

13. Don’t forget to include salad in your lunch. Make sure the vegetables are washed properly and cut. If you don’t like to eat raw vegetables, steam cook vegetables and consume it.

14. Daily add saffron to milk, boil and have it before going to bed.

15. Add date syrup to boiled milk and drink one cup a day.

16. Dates and fresh figs provide instant energy while grapes and stewed prunes are good for digestion.

17. As Ayurveda says eat Satvik food – pure, clean, light and gentle on the system types of foods like Milk, rice, wheat, ghee (clarified butter), fresh and mostly green vegetables, fresh fruits and multi grains.

18. Get good amount of relaxed sleep. A cupful of hot milk with a teaspoonful of honey as sweetener, induces a relaxing sleep.

19. Do not go on dieting while you are pregnant – avoid fad diets and all kind of diets. Mother’s body needs 40+ nutrients during pregnancy to build a healthy baby. The developing baby is much more sensitive to the mother’s nutritional status than what we think.

20. Do not watch scary and disturbing movies. Watch fun filled, feel good movies. Listen to soft music.

21. Do not eat sea foods. Studies show that most fishes contains mercury, a toxic metal that can cause serious nervous system damage.

22. Do not eat papaya fruit and pineapple too – these may increase heat in the body system and can lead to adverse effect.

23. Do not drink alcohol, colas, meat or eat soft cheeses. Remember alcohol causes irreversible birth defects. No safe limit has been established. Avoid soft cheeses and meat. Because these can be sources of bacterial contamination (listeriosis), which causes fever, miscarriage and other complications during pregnancy, so avoid these during pregnancy.

24. Control on greasy foods and fatty foods. Do not gain too much weight. Excess body weight entering pregnancy or accumulated during pregnancy can affect whether a woman conceives and might increase the risks for pregnancy complications, such as gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, stillbirth, very-preterm birth and cesarean delivery. Keep your body in the best shape that you are able to, because it will definitely help you in the stamina department when it comes to a natural birth.

25. Pregnancy is exhausting and the activity level goes down during 9 months. That should not stop your regular mild activities and mild exercises. Continue  walking around the neighborhood or doing yoga here and there can help in natural birth.

26. Do not wear tight cloths and party hard. Pregnancy is divine – enjoy every bit of it. There is nothing to show off – a human is forming in your womb.

27. Balance vata dosha during pregnancy – Ayurveda says this. Because vata dosha balances out the nervous system and stabilizes the mother as well as the baby. Cut down on following foods – coffee, black tea, sugar, ice cream, chocolate, packaged food, iced drinks, beans and pulses as they are hard to digest. Generally consume : for breakfast – hot or warm cereals and sweet fruits. For lunch : 50% brown rice, 30% well -cooked/steamed vegetables and 20% light proteins. Later afternoon snack – light tea, nuts, yogurt. For dinner: Soup, whole-grain bread, warm milk and little cheese.

28. If you are driving – wear seat belt and take slower and less traffic route if possible.

29. Avoid any type of stress and overwhelming work – priority is your pregnancy. If you feel you are stressed, talk to your partner, parents and friends. Take a break from busy schedules to enjoy your pregnancy.

30. Always be positive and think positive. Think good and be good. Garbha Sanskar refers to good habits, morals, values given to a baby while mother is carrying a baby in the garbha (womb). It comprises of music, talks, guided imagery etc. to educate the baby right inside the womb. This is what your child is going to pickup from you. Remember – Baby while growing in your womb can understand your feelings and can related to your thoughts.

Have a wonderful pregnancy and enjoy precious time!


Image credit: Photo by Ashton Mullins on Unsplash

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: February 25, 2021

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