Grandma's Kitchen Tips

Kitchen Tips

1) Do not throw squeezed lemon peels. Put one or two peels in the bottom of the cooker with water. This helps to prevent the discoloring of the cooker.

2) If your stainless sink is discoloring and bothering you, spray apple cider vinegar and clean it.

3) If you have a white electric stove with steel drip plates for the burners, change it to black plates. It is easy to clean the black plates as they resist the rusting for longtime.

4) Before using lemons or limes, roll the lemons with slight pressure on a surface. This takes out extra bitterness from the skins and also, more juice will come out after you cut the lemons.

5) If you are in a hurry to use butter and it is frozen, then try grating it. Grating of frozen butter on bread, biscuits taste much better.

6) Tired of peeling garlic? Remove the hard edge of garlic bulb and transfer to a bottle. Shake it for few minutes. Take the cloves out, use a plate, and crush them. All cloves will peel of the skins easily.

7) Place your ice cream boxes in a ziploc and store in the freezer. This will keep the cold air away and ice cream will not become rock hard.

8) If the honey is crystallized, transfer the bottle to a container with hot water. It will make honey un-crystallize and looks good.

9) Some herbs are not available during winter. End of summer buy your herbs and freeze them ice cube containers with olive oil. It retains the freshness of the herbs. When you need thaw and use herbs.

10) Simple spray for kitchen – instead of using all those costly chemical sprays try this – To a sprayer bottle add one cut of water, two table spoon lemon juice and one table spoon baking soda. Shake and mix it. Use on kitchen counter tops, microwave and even cleaning the fridge is possible with this. It is a great stain remover too!

11) Avoid crying while cutting onions! Place a matchstick between your teeth chemical side out. The chemicals in the matchstick absorbs the chemical in the onion that makes your eyes water. You can also soak a peeled onion in cold water before cutting.

12) Wash fruits and vegetables with salt or vinegar to remove external particles.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: April 4, 2018

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