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Tips to use old newspapers

If you do not read news online and still like to hold papers in hand to get updated news you might have lots of papers at home. Instead of throwing use grandma’s following tips to use old newspapers for household work. 

  1. Clean mirror, glass, and windows: Use crumpled newspaper to clean glass surfaces. Spray white vinegar on the surface and use newspaper to clean the surface. This does not leave any streaks behind
  2. Place under bottom of trash can: Trash can or garbage bins give bad odor. Before inserting garbage bags in trash can place newspaper at bottom and then insert garbage bags. Newspapers will absorb any leakage form bags.
  3. Use in refrigerator: Place newspapers in refrigerator bins where you store vegetables and fruits. Any spoiled vegetable liquid will be absorbed by newspaper and there will not be any odd odor.useoldnewspaper-healthylife-werindia
  4. Gift wrapping: Instead of spending money on gift wrappers, use old, clean newspaper to wrap gifts. Use colorful section to wrap & tie wraps using colorful hemp threads to give look.
  5. Sink cleaning: After cleaning kitchen sink, use newspaper to wipe inside the sink.
  6. For shipping: Instead of using plastic bubble wrap, use newspapers to wrap for shipping materials. Also, insert crumpled papers inside the box as shock absorber.
  7. Fruit ripening: Wrap mangoes, banana, chikkoo, papaya, pear, jackfruit, avocados types of fruits in newspaper. Fruits ripen faster with newspaper cover.newspapers-compost-healthylife-werindia
  8. Insert in shoes: Insert ball of newspaper in shoes that you do not wear often. This keeps shoes odor free and fresh to wear.
  9. Storage shelves: Spread newspapers on shelves and place storage boxes, grocery items, spice racks on it.
  10. For cloths: Cut and use clean old newspapers as insert in ironed sarees, blouses, and shirts. This keeps clothes wrinkle free
  11. Use it to clean after pets: Place old newspapers as lining in pet’s bed, under litter box, food bowls.
  12. Recycle: In many cities and towns there are people who buy and recycle newspapers. You will get small amount of pocket money by selling stack of newspapers
  13. Compost: Use clean, non-treated papers for composting. Most newspaper use plant-based inks and composting will be chemical free. If you have doubts clarify with newspaper company.
  14. Seed tape: Prepare flour sticky paste and place drops of paste on strips of newspaper. Place flower seeds and allow paste to dry. Place these seed tape in your garden for germination.
  15. Weed barrier: Spread newspapers in layers on the ground before planting. Use only toxin free papers. Place straw, mulch, grass clippings on newspaper. Weeds will not grow by this method.
  16. Origami: Use old papers for kids origami practice.
  17. Art & crafts: Recycle newspaper for arts and crafts. You can make bowls, sculptures, pinatas, paper flowers, boats etc. Paper Mache is enjoyable craft that children love to do.

Image sources and idea credit: Pinterest boards, Instagram,,,  Creative Crafts & Up-cycling ,

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: June 6, 2022

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