Christmas celebration tips

Christmas celebration tips

This Christmas enjoy celebration with these preparation tips.

  1. Don’t try to be perfect: Don’t plan on having a very perfect Christmas party. See your budget and what you can afford. Decide early on guest list and how many of them really you want to be part of your party and if the number fits your budget then invite them.
  2. Is bigger the better? Answer is no. You don’t need to show off. Buy items if you only need. Look in your storage and you might find good stuffs for decoration.
  3. Read directions, absorb and clarify steps and then experiment it: When you are preparing a new recipe you should follow this rule. If not, you might end up in a mess. In fact, for couple of times when you prepare recipe you must read directions, absorb and then experiment it.
  4. Do not rush: Don’t be in a hurry to finish the cooking. While rushing you might forget to add ingredients or can skip steps. It might ruin your recipe that you were waiting to try for.
  5. Preparation: If you are planning on inviting people over for party, plan well ahead with list. What dishes you are cooking, what ingredients you need and what your guests might like – you should have all these in hand.
  6. Measurements: Learn to measure ingredients and the total quantity of the food that you need to prepare. If you understand how to measure the quantity of ingredients, then it will be easy to follow steps. For solid ingredients use spoon and level. For liquid use clear glass or plastic measuring pitcher
  7. Kitchen devices: Make sure all your cooking devices are in working condition and are working. Check your tools and if something is not working have an alternate. This way you won’t be having a panic attack
  8. Vegetables and fruits: Cut those vegetables previous night that you going to cook. If you cut salad vegetables, store them in refrigerator. Cut fruits on the day of your Christmas party.
  9. Baking: This is your first-time baking? Then if you are planning on baking, try something that easy to make and don’t take much of your time. If you are trying something bit complex get advice from experts who knows how to bake.
  10. Keep chips and dips: Always keep chips and dips handy. This will be helpful in case some dish does not come out properly.
  11. Snacks & cookies: Keep varieties of snacks and cookies ready. When guests arrive offer them good drinks, snacks and cookies. This way, in case dinner runs little late they are bit filled.
  12. Pick fewer dishes to prepare: You don’t need to show your cooking skills by preparing 15 different dishes. Instead, stick to 4 or 5 your specialties and prepare them in large batches.
  13. Dessert: If you don’t know how to prepare dessert, get ice cream or pie or cake from store. These items will fulfill need of a dessert.
  14. Don’t forget your daily rituals: You must feel comfortable and not out place in your own home. Go through your daily routine at home. Our everyday tasks can help us stay calm and focused.
  15. Be prepared for last minute guest: You never know. Someone may drop in for the party. So, cook bit of extra dishes – those dishes that does not spoil in a day or two.
  16. Dinner plates and serving: One or two days before taking little time to check your dinner wears. If you need fresh ones then you can tap into your extra dinner sets. Before placing for dinner warm them in microwave.

Holidays and parties are to enjoy. Don’t get stressed. Learn to relax and enjoy the break. You work hard and you deserve to have fun. Grandma’s tips

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 24, 2021

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