Why giving is good

Why giving is good

Have you ever felt you have enough and thinking of giving away things to others? If so, then your thinking is in right direction. Giving is good both for you and the recipients. It brings happiness to you and strength to receiver. To reap the benefit of giving you don’t need to go for shopping. You can give what you have extra and what you don’t need anymore that is in good condition. Donating to charity or giving away stuffs that are unnecessarily cluttering your home, participating in soup kitchen, helping in homeless shelter which is giving your time – all these are good for you and for the community.

Whether giving things or giving time for someone’s benefit, it should give you happiness and it is good for your health for the following reasons.

  1. Giving brings more friends in your circle: When you give, you will also develop a network. It increases your social connection. Your kindness and generosity appreciated by people who needs it. The good words about you will bring more connections and good people around you. It strengthens your ties in the community and brings positivity in your life. You will bond with those who receives from you and they will feel closer to you.
  2. Giving to charity brings satisfaction: When you give your time, money or things to charity causes, it will help those who are in need. If you help a child to study or fostering a child, it brings the best in child and he or she can complete studies to help family. Donating to animal charity will give satisfaction of feeding and rescuing those who does not have their own voice. You will become voice for those innocent animals. It will bring satisfaction of doing something good.
  3. Donating evokes gratitude: When you give something or helping hand to someone who is in need it evokes gratitude in the person who is at receiving end. The expression of gratitude brings happiness in our lives. The good wishes associated with gratitude or thankfulness increases happiness. It boosts positivity in your life and promotes generosity in your children.
  4. Giving encourages others: Giving is contagious. When you open your wallet and give few coins to someone who is in need, it is an inspiration for a person who is onlooking. Our generosity can influence on others behavior. The more they see us donating and participating in charity events, people who witness will start understanding the value of giving and will start taking part in good cause. In fact, study says each person who take part in good work can influence dozen to hundreds of people whom they meet.
  5. Giving brings happiness: Donating or giving also linked to mindfulness. It secretes oxytocin, the hormone responsible for the feeling happiness, warmth and positivity. One will feel more empathy towards others, and it helps to calm the system. Giving brings more meaning to your life.
  6. Every little bit that you give helps: Whether in terms of money, food, clothing or time, giving brings happiness in someone’s life. Giving food means, meal for a starving child, money could be medicine for sick person or school fee for a child, – whatever you give, it goes a long way in someone else life. Old furniture, clothes, blankets, shoes, jackets etc. – all these are valuable items in some people lives because either they cannot afford, or they don’t have it.

Giving is good – once you understand the meaning and value of giving, you will enjoy “giving”.

Image credit: Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: July 30, 2020

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