Stop animal abuse

Stop Abusing & Killing Innocent Animals

A pregnant elephant was killed in Kerala. Why?  All because she was seeking food. She did not attack anybody, she did not harm anyone.

If you cannot help an animal it is okay, but don’t hurt that innocent animal. Often, we read news about animal abuse and cruelty towards animals. Some people abuse animal purposefully for fun. They scare, harm and terrorize any animals they come across. It exhibits their cruel and sick mentality. Some also think that while humans are suffering, animals are less important and there are others who simply look other way when they see people abusing the animals.  

Humans are the most intelligent creatures on earth. Or at least we think so. Human beings have a complex brain and able to think, express and talk. Often the innocent animals suffer in human hands. Is it fair? Why we should hurt and abuse animals? Do we have right to behave inhumanly? As humans, what we should be doing?

Humans are called “apex predators’ because we overtake and dominate animals easily. We think animals in any form exist to entertain us. For those who ask why we should care about animals? Because:

They are living creatures: Animals are living creatures like humans. They deserve to have a good life. They are not on earth just be our pet or in the zoo as exhibits or to be our food. Animals are here to balance earth; they were created on earth just like humans. They feel pain and happiness, they get hurt and they feel neglected when mistreated.

Treating them well makes us better people: If you want to be a better human, care about animals. It is not just thinking about how fellow humans are cruel to people, we must also act on doing something about it. Protecting, rescuing, sheltering, supporting animal welfare – all give us satisfaction and sense of good achievement. It makes us better human being.

It is responsibility: We are part of nature where we must share and live with animals. Animals deliberately don’t come and occupy our place. Humans are supposedly the intelligent species, must understand and take care of nature and all animals. Take responsibility and be compassionate to treat all animals on earth equally. Don’t be a hypocrite- if you love your pet dogs and cats, why can’t you love and be nice to all animals?

It is Compassionate: Caring about animal is compassionate thing to do. It is the way we should be. Be fair to animals. Animals are human’s closest companies from centuries. It is a known fact that domestic animals’ behavior is influenced by how we treat them.  If you love your pets, think that other animals are like your pets too.

Animals are not objects:  If you know, to balance the nature we need animals. Like bees for example, we need bees for pollination of trees and crops. Each animal has a role to play in the nature. We own dogs as pets, and they play major role in guarding country and are used as service dogs. Similarly, animals that live in forests are equally needed for maintaining food chain and in balancing ecosystem.  There are instances where animals like elephants, horses, lions have rescued babies, alerted human intruders and so on.

Ultimately it is our duty to take care of all creatures who are equally important and have equal rights to be on earth like us. If you cannot help an animal it is okay, but don’t hurt an innocent animal.

Image: Google curtesy

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: June 4, 2020

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