Farmers Market for better health

Improve health by connecting to Farmers’ markets

Do you have Farmers markets in your town? Then you must visit and buy produces from the local farmers for all good reasons.

If you are looking for seasonal as well as staple food look in your community market. Farmers’ market is where you get locally grown vegetables and fruits. It helps your health in a big way and promotes the local markets.

In many countries due to a reduction in agriculture and farmland foods must be imported from far distances. In USA alone food travels an average of 2000 miles to get onto people tables. Shipping fruits, vegetables, and many such foods contribute to environmental degradation by pollution and excessive use of resources. Food available at the local farmers market is traveled from shorter distances and varieties of foods that are grown locally have minimum impact on the earth.

Why we should look at Farmers’ market for food?

Our visit and buying food from farmers market supports and helps local farmers and you will encourage farmers and their families to grow fresh vegetables and fruits. Meeting local farmers and learning about the food they grow will help in strengthening the community.

We all need good nutrient-rich food. Fresh foods that are available in local markets and mills contain a rich amount of nutrients without much process. Long-distance import could damage and deteriorate the food by the time it reaches your table. Also, the number of pesticides, preservatives, wax, and chemical sprays that are used to protect the produces during shipping can cause harm to health.

The nutrition value that we get from the local food market is far better than the foods that traveled across countries or continents. Minimally processed and locally grown produces are more nutritious and do good to health.

Freshly picked fruits or vegetables will have fresh flavor and nutrients. The fresh package of produce will retain phytochemicals and antioxidants that are crucial for our survival.

Locally grown foods are seasonal, and we should rely on them. Consuming seasonally available foods will help to protect our immune system and fight against infections.

Farmers’ market will help kids to understand about food and culture that they are growing. When you take your kids to pick fruits, vegetables to help prepare meals, kids will understand the value of the food as well as nutrition. It is a great way to introduce them to healthy nutrition and lifestyle.

Another advantage of the farmers market is most farmers’ markets offer the foods that are as guided by the government nutrition guidelines. For example, it will supply the foods that fit with the choosemyplate or Government nutrition model designed for people.

Besides, local farmers also  provide fresh dairy, grain, bread, baked foods and protein products to build a healthy community.

Many farmers also will guide us with recipes that preserve the nutrition value of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Even though we may feel familiar with local fruits or vegetables, many times it is not so. Many farmers’ markets offer lesser-known vegetables and fruits. They supply many medicinal herbs (fresh and dry), herbs that we can grow at home, fruit trees that are pest resistance and survive harsh weather.

In many countries, supplemental nutrition assistance programs are known as SNAP available for mothers, infants and young children. Through this program, people can get educated about nutrition and nutritious recipes in the farm of samples in the market itself.

Apart from all the above-mentioned positive benefits, farmer’s markets are always reliable and available at your place with easy accessibility.

Image credit: ShashiBellamkonda With Chef Sanjeev Kapoor at the Ville Parle vegetable market in Bombay- (CC by 2.0)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: August 24, 2020

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