Listen to your body

Listen to your body to keep fit

There are many diet programs are available. Many of these diet programs will keep you away from normal, daily, staple food. Why can’t we eat normal food that makes us happy and still lose weight? Grandma has some suggestions for you… Listen to your body to keep fit

  1. Wake up early, brush and drink a glass of warm water – Getting up early (say 6 am) gives you lot of light, positive thoughts and drinking warm water in empty stomach helps your bowl movement.
  2. Within two hours of waking up, have your breakfast as breakfast gives energy. Eat traditional breakfast items prepared from scratch or have quick cereal or bread. Breakfast helps you to focus on entire day task and keeps you healthy.
  3. When should be your lunch? Lunch at noon. But in between breakfast and lunch have a glass of fresh juice and water.
  4. Don’t keep snacking throughout the day – wait until you really feel hungry. Your system tells you when you are hungry and ready to eat. Don’t resist hunger, instead get ready to eat something that is less fat, healthier item.
  5. Eat slowly – don’t rush eating. You should feel the hunger go away and stomach should feel the food intake. Control excess eating, control your portion. Your body tells you how much it needs and when to stop.
  6. Watch what you eat – Let half of the plate consist salad with good vegetables and fruits. Consume complex carbohydrate – brown rice or sweet potato or roti. Select protein food and water. Moderation is key, nothing should be excess!
  7. Eat home cooked food – you can find out what makes your stomach happy by trying different types of food. Some foods make you feel heavy, bloated, uneasy, lethargic and full soon. Some food really makes stomach happy – find out which items are preferred for your body. For some eating yogurt or yogurt based items helps to keep intestine in good condition.
  8. When you eat, make sure you are not distracted or disturbed. Eating with heavy head can result in over eating or under eating. Both are not good for your mind and body health.
  9. Snack – Understand which types of snacks does not make you uneasy and uncomfortable. If you feel like eating samosa – restrict the quantity. Likewise, eating potato chips or chocolate or any oily items – Take control on your mind and eat half the quantity of what you wanted to eat.  Practice control on eating oily items.
  10. Sleep: Get enough sleep that your body needs. Going to bed early or on proper time and sleeping without any sort of disturbance helps to lose weight. All body pain and stress goes away with good sleep. Getting good sleep helps control sugar and salt intake.
  11. One more suggestion – don’t be ideal and keep watching TV, smart phone. Find out how you can help with house tasks, go for walk or gym and be active. Your body tells you what activity is good for you. This helps you a lot in reducing that extra weight.

Instead of dieting listen to your body – Eat when you are truly hungry. Eat what appeals to you. Stop eating when you feel full.  With these simple techniques, you will maintain a healthy body and healthy weight.

Listen to grandma –

Image credit: Image by Robin Higgins from Pixabay

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: January 5, 2018

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