Common Parenting mistakes

Common mistakes of parenting

Parenting is not easy task. Today parents have much to offer to their children.  While showering love and affection to children, in today’s world parents are forgetting what is a meaningful parenting means. Listen what grandma has to say about these common mistakes from parents…

My child is perfect: This is a feeling that parents have today. Therefore, you see more fights and arguments during PTA meetings. When parents see teachers and counselors, parents expect positive comments and feedback about their kids. Remember, your view as a parent about your child is different than non-family members. The feedback if is constructive and non-biased accept and help your child to grow.

Over involvement and taking decision for child: This is not a good thing to do. If you are doing it wake up. Invest your life in your child’s life where it is needed. Don’t put your ideas and your unfulfilled goals in your child’s head. Let the child enjoy its childhood. Talk to them, discuss with and give direction but don’t take decision for them. This not only confuses child and mentally they become suppressed.

Trying to be a best friend of your child: Yes, there is a age where you can be a good friend with your child. However, trying to be BFF takes away the parenting. Parenting is what is needed for the growth and development of a child. Parents not being parents is escaping from responsibility of taking care of child. If you want your child to love them, you don’t need to be a BFF of the child. You need to show that affection, care and love towards your child.

Exposing to competitive parenting: Today’s world generally is in a path where parents are in constant competition with other parents to get into better school, job for their children. Children instead of enjoying the childhood are constantly engaged in studying and tuition. This does not teach any value in a child’s life as the focus is always to do better compared to peers. This competition between parents also leads to broken relationship, friendship and betrayal.

Worshiping the child : Some parents go beyond their capacity to fulfill all the needs of their child. Parents life totally revolves around child. Showering with gifts, credit cards, taking world tour and giving them everything before even they ask…? Well, it is not good parenting. Don’t spoil them by saying their happiness is our happiness. Teach your child how to create a path and they will learn. Teach them about unconditional love and affection. Teach your child how to share and care.

Controlling childhood: A day comes when you see your children all grown up and start acting like strangers and you can’t to do anything about it. Allow your children to enjoy their childhood. Don’t rob their childhood and don’t rush them to grow. Let them play, go through normal activities of a normal child. Don’t control them. The more they enjoy childhood where you are part of it, children will have fond memories of their childhood. They will come back to you and will have concern about you as you are a big part of their sweet memories.

Judging other parents and their children: Never do this in front of your child. Control yourself. Your actions and words can leave a permanent print in your child’s mind. Often parents say, “I wish my children are like that” or trying to change parenting style because you liked it – all these can only harm your child and you may end up in more worries.

Forcing your dream on your child: Yes, you may have wanted to be an engineer and it did not turn out that way. This does not mean that you can force your ideas and goals in your child’s life. Many parents start dreaming about their child’s future in pregnancy itself. All parents secretly hope to have a child that is like them only more smart and talented! Well, that is not how it ends. Child might be smarter and talented, but they may find some other field that is interesting for them. Encourage your child with what makes them happy, not what makes you happy.

No parent wants their children to be unhappy and not successful. Every parent wants to show their affection and love to their child in different ways. In a quest to make children happy, parents should not lose their balance. As a parent, it is better to stay mindful and show children what is a meaningful life means – to lead a happy life and how to create a life road which is happy and healthy.

Listen to grandma:

Image credit: Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 4, 2017

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