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Tips to keep indoor plants happy during winter

Indoor plants not only help decorating house, also give clean environment inside the house. During winter time change in light and lower temperature has impact on indoor plants. It is hard for many indoor plants to adjust and survive. Plants need help in adjusting to changed weather conditions to survive.

Here are tips to keep indoor plants happy and healthy during cold, winter days.


  • Light: During winter days day light is short and temperature inside house drops. Light levels near windows also drops. Transfer plants near windows that are in South or West side of the house. During winter both these directions will have more filtered light that is like summer and will be able to withstand direct Sun.
  • Artificial light: Fluorescent bulbs give good amount of light for plant growth. Look for plant lights and position bulbs half feet away from plants.
  • Clean windows: Dusty, dirty windows will hold sun rays entering through windows. Before winter sets in and shifting plants, clean windows and let light fall on plants without any block.


  • Remove dust from plant leaves: Dust off plant leaves using water or duster. Clean will absorb light easily.
  • Humidity: Humidity is less during winter. Indoor plants near 40-50% humidity to be healthy. If not, insect pets will survive on plants. Place humidifier often in the plant rooms.
  • Temperature: Temperature inside house should be between 66 to 73 F during day, if temperature is below 62 F plants will wilt and die. If you have heat vents, do not place plants near heat vents.
  • Watering: Do not overwater plants. When the soil is dry up to 2 inches water plants. Another way to test is, when there is not enough water and soil is dry, pot feels lighter. Wet soil adds weight to pot. Some plants need watering consistently. Ferns and citrus plants need water. Do not allow water to collect in in drainage saucer as it can root health.
  • Pruning: Winter growth gives less leaves and longer stem. Cut plant tips to promote side branching.


  • Repot: Adding new soil or changing soil of indoor plants should not be carried in winter. Wait for spring or summer.
  • Fertilizer: In harsh winter do not fertilize indoor plants. You can add fertilizers to soil during spring when other plant start coming up. If winter is mild where you live, then fertilize plants once or twice a month.

Keep indoor plants healthy and happy. This not only adds beauty to house, also gives positivity in your life and helps to beat winter blues.

Image credit: Image by Sitaw from Pixabay  (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: November 29, 2018

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