How to deal with rejection

How To Deal With Rejection in Life

At one point in our life, we all would have faced rejection for one or other reasons. It could be a rejection from a friend, rejection at co-workers, job, university, school, sports, family, or love. Any type of rejection can be hard for a person who is sensitive by nature and unable to face relatives, outsiders, friends, or family. Rejection means no for the thing which we approach and not accepted. Generally, human nature wants to be accepted by everybody. When there is a rejection, it hurts.

Rejection can hold us back and put a setback on our personal life. It could cause havoc in one’s life. Not everyone will know how to deal with rejection. When one doesn’t know how to deal with rejection it can only have a negative impact on life and relationship, and it could lead to anxiety, stress, and depression.

How to deal with rejection?

It is important to deal with rejection boldly and come out stronger. Rejection should not define a person and personality. Overcoming rejection and coming out stronger is essential to lead a successful life.

Process your emotions: If you feel rejected or received a message of rejection, you might feel down, angry and anxiety can kick in. Focus on what you are feeling, if possible, write down your emotions and thoughts. By writing it down, one may feel better. Whatever the emotions you have by writing it down you may feel the intensity of sadness coming down. There is no right or wrong in what you are feeling.

Spend time with people whom you love and trust: When you face rejection from anyone, remember there are others who consider your happiness and care about you. Spend quality time with parents, siblings, or friends. Try to connect with friends who care about your wellbeing. Talk to near ones in confidence, what you are feeling about rejection, and seek advice on how to overcome it. Think about those people who make you happy and support you all the time.

Be kind to yourself: Don’t beat yourself for the rejection. It is not your fault if someone rejects you. Whether it is your love life or job or college admission -they may not have understand your worth and hence the rejection could have happened. Don’t be unkind to yourself. Come out and look at the world which will give you new ideas, better opportunities,  a new path to lead a happy future life.

Do not stop yourself: Rejection should not stop you from what you want to achieve. If you stop pursuing it could only pull you down. Find other avenues to reach a goal or find a new goal. Sometimes rejection means something better is waiting for you in the future. You must have the patience to find and figure it out.

Develop healthy hobbies: Remember, you deserve best like any others. If you don’t have a hobby, go find a hobby. Instead of sitting in a place and worrying about what and why someone rejected you, develop a hobby or find your lost hobby that will help you forget the rejection and the incident. Cooking, exercise, gardening, reading club, painting, continuing studies, volunteering, acting, reading inspirational stories of great personalities etc.- all these good hobbies will give you sense of relief and calmness leading to clarity.

Life is too short to worry about the rejection and such incidents. World is big enough to give opportunities and bring back happiness to all.  



Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 11, 2022

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