How to show empathy to a sick person

How to show empathy to a sick person?

Often, we find it difficult to talk to a person who is suffering from illness or a condition or we might find to open subject with person’s family.

Some people keep things to themselves and do not expect any such interactions.

For some we can offer support, hope and healing prayers.

Just being physically present with them helps and gives a relief.

How to show empathy to a sick person?

  • Learn and understanding: If the person has been diagnosed, learn about the condition. Understand what the situation and how the health is. If the person opens about his or her condition, listen to them, understand them. If you don’t know something don’t try to give a statement about topic which you don’t know. Don’t bring your experience or someone else’s condition.
  • Stay connected: Reach out to the person and family on regular basis and ask them how are they doing. You don’t need to call them every day. Before paying a visit, make sure it is okay to visit the family.
  • Help: Understand their financial situation, help at home and even grocery shopping. If you are unable to support financially, support them by lending hand in other chores – grocery, cooking, cleaning etc.
  • Be patient: Do not interrupt or do not say something that does not make any sense. Be patient with person and listen with patience. Showing empathy helps. Encourage to take care and wish speedy recovery.
  • Encouraging: Encourage and show support. Do not comment about appearance, do not presume outcome. Give hopes in few words and encourage recovery process. Ask what type of support you can provide.
  • Privacy: Everybody needs privacy. Do not provoke and dig too much into personal matters. If you want to share information with common friends, make sure the family of person who is ill is okay with it.

Every human being goes through difficult time. When we know someone is suffering, instead of talking about it with others, talk to the person and family.

Be sensitive about their feelings and be careful about your choice of words. Help others, be there in difficult times and be kind to one another.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: November 3, 2022

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