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Human mind wonders a lot and thinks a lot. Some unique thoughts and ideas which we have in our mind may not come back often. It is a good hobby to pen it down in a journal.

Squirreling away thoughts in the form of journal need not to be unique, it can be anything that is going through your mind. It helps the mind to relax and journal can be your secret friend!

It also acts as a therapist when your mood is down, undergoing through unpleasant events or up and downs in your life.

The benefit and the power of keeping a journal is many. Write it down and get it out starting today!

  • You will be able to track your personal behavioral change that helps in reminding you, your goal. It helps to take decision and reduces confusion.
  • While being mindful, you will discover yourself and you will learn to do the things that makes you happy.
  • It is a good friend- very inexpensive, listens to you, accessible always and manageable. It does not show any tantrums and ego, and, has very few side effects!
  • It helps in achieving a healthy partnership/relationship. When there is a misunderstanding with your partner, going back to understand your relationship with the person you like will help you to maintain a healthy relationship.
  • Journal helps you to solve your problems – it helps you to be creative and gives courage to face the world. You are expressing yourself to your inner friends while gaining confidence – inner friends are one is journal and second one is yourself (while expressive your views to journal).
  • Writing journal gives you a voice and aspiration in life. You can always pen down negative thoughts without any hindrance and pick up positive thoughts from the journal when you revisit the previous pages.
  • It helps in setting goal – When you write and read about yourself, you can understand yourself better. You will know what you want and what is important for you. It gives clarity in creating goals and resolutions in life.
  • Organization – journal helps in organizing yourself for days, weeks, months and year. You will know where you want to be, what you want to do when planning. It gives a sense of clarity.
  • Personal awareness – While it will start making sense to you about yourself, it helps in focusing on the issues that matters to you.
  • Better habits – one need not to write down only the emotions. One can write about hobbies, observation, nutrition, exercise routine, discussion points etc. – this may help you develop interest in new and interesting hobbies and makes life more interesting and enjoyable.
  • A story to tell – A story of your achievements and accomplishments! When you revisit your old pages in future, you know what you were, what were your drawbacks, where you are present and what happened in your life. It is like narrating story to yourself – you know the history and what you achieved in life. The awareness of what happened in your past, supports your future.
  • Journal enhances our writing skills, learning and development – keeping track of what happened in recent past helps us to be careful, to plan and move cautiously (in money matters and relationship)

Writing /keeping a journal helps us to stay focused on important matters in life. It helps to segregate between important work and urgent work. Urgent work is short term task that need to be finished and important work that need to be completed with utmost care to achieve goals in life. It is foundation for success (Dwight D. Eisenhower).

To accomplish success in life, we need to stay focused. The focus comes from self-realization and reality.  Keeping journal brings us to reality and realization – when we question ourselves “what we are, who we are, what is my goal in life, what did I accomplish today and what did I forget” – to find a satisfying answer we should peek in our journal and will find the answer (to bring back into our focus).

For all these positive and good reasons keeping a journal, penning down our thoughts is worth in life!



Image credit: Image by StockSnap from Pixabay  (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: September 8, 2019

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