Hobbies are essential for a happy life

Hobbies for happy life

In their life stage, all ladies (& gentlemen) must face those lonely days when all kids grow, leave home while chasing their dream, goal, work and studies.

And parents will be left behind to stay alone with ample of time in their hand. At these hours, house feels empty and even watching TV gets boring. If you are alone it can be depressing and life looks dull and boring.

No matter what taking care of mental health is very important.  Happiness and leading healthy life is very important for mind and for the body – both.

Getting into some hobbies, no matter what age you are at can help during these lonely days.

If you are not into any hobbies try out different things and see what you like, what makes you happy and what is comfortable.

Hobbies can be of different types based on your choice:

  • Enrichment hobbies – Educational
  • Sports – Physical activity to be fit and healthy
  • Social activities – Meeting people and spending time with friends
  • Creative hobbies – Being creative with art and craft or machineries.
  • Outdoors – Outside activities like photography, hiking, picnic etc to get fresh air
  • Indoor hobbies – Inside home as well as indoor activities

Here are several suggestions:

  • Join book club: This is interesting because you can exchange your views and review interesting and best selling book. Sometimes you will get chance to meet the author too!
  • Sports: Join gym or sports club. Go out with friends to bowling or other indoor activities that might be interesting for you. Tennis, badminton, chess – all these are good and fun sports.
  • Women club: Join women club – go to spa, visit museums, go for picnic, discuss about health issues, give a hand to those who are need help, organize a kitty party. All this will be fun.
  • Music & chanting: Arrange sing along karaoke, sing your favorite songs or listen to music. If you are religious join those groups who like to recite your favorite shloka or prayers.
  • Community program: Participate in walks for reasons, volunteer in community events and meet people.
  • Touring: Go for tours with your life partner. Visit nearby places or join tour group and spend quality time that you would have lost.
  • Volunteering in library: Books are man’s best friend. Many libraries need volunteers and a helping hand. Go to local library and spend your time.
  • Gardening: Another good hobby, collect good indoor and outdoor plants. If you don’t know how to plant or take care of plants, learn by watching videos or go to nearby nursery or horticulture department to learn.
  • Cooking class: If you are into cooking – join cooking class or teach cooking. Make your own video and upload on online channels.
  • Knitting & quilting: If you like knitting – learn and make sweaters, hats or stitch quilts. Donate or give it to your dear ones. Hospitals and shelters need help with warm clothes.
  • Health talks: Organize health awareness talks or attend health talks. Exchanging views always adds benefit to your health. You will learn about health topics – what is critical for your age.
  • Non-credit courses /online classes: If you were unable to finish your studies, this is time. Look for online or non-credit course. Complete your studies. Or, if you wish to learn something new then go for it.
  • Painting: Learning painting from art school is interesting. You will get to know various types of painting. You may never know – you might be a very good artist that needed a push!
  • Writing & blogging: Go for free online blogging – there are many free blog designs available. Start writing about interesting facts of life or a subject. This will inspire you a lot!
  • Podcast: Podcast is something anyone can try. You can talk, teach about a subject that you are expert in.
  • Photography: At another interesting hobby – nature, pets and public life – all these can be your subject of photography. Take pictures – upload and share with your family and friends.
  • Calligraphy – Try different types of handwriting fonts. In the era of typing and emailing, your calligraphy can make difference.
  • Computer skills – Learn Microsoft word, excel, power point, how to send emails, keeping journals, online browsing, skype,photoshop etc.
  • Creating postcards – If you are an artist make personalized postcards. Paint or attest photos and make it attractive. Sell it to make few bucks.
  • Yoga and meditation – Learn yoga poses and meditate 2 times a day to keep your mind balanced. Yoga practice helps you to be active and happy
  • Arts: Arts offer much for anyone. Try pottery, sculpting, clay models, designs for boutiques etc. If you are good at it you will be more creative and may even make some money on side.
  • Interior designing, housekeeping: If you are good at interior decoration help your friends and families in interior designing. Buy house decoration magazines and read – give advice to your friends and families about housekeeping.
  • Dancing: want your joy to be doubled then join dance class. Learn simple dance steps. Singing and dancing uplifts the energy. Ballroom, jazz, salsa, line, tap dancing are some dancing moves one should try.
  • Bonsai: Learn this Japanese technique of growing trees in small pots.
  • Collection: Coin, stamps, antiques, post cards, small toys – all these hobbies are also interesting and will be attractive to display.

Hobbies should be interesting and keep you occupied. Developing a hobby is important and necessity as hobby helps us to keep moving around and make life more interesting to live.

Reference: Healthylife.werindia.com

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: July 12, 2017

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