Gift for grand children

Simple gifts for grandchildren

Gifts can be creative and fun for your grandchildren. Select something that you can be affordable for you and useful for your grandchild. Have a budget and do not hesitate to tell your grandchild how much budget you have. It is okay to share this information, they will learn.

1. What are your grand children talent? Observe and talk to your kids and understand what their interest is.  They may show interest in watching an event, going to sport, music instrument, attending a concert, magazine subscription, posters, painting, photography etc can be their choice.

2. Children now a day are back into radio, they may like to have a alarm clock, cameral, laptop desk, book case, bags for travel, for sports, or for travel.

3. If they want books – get a store gift card or buy books online.

4. Small children always like coloring books – buy and keep them when you see something attractive. Get color pens and pencils. Take them to children art work shop.

5. Fun games – Treasure hunt, ladder & snake, carrom board, chess, cross word puzzles, puzzles, bingo – all these  can be fun games that can play for few years and they will store them with lot of love.

6. Buy a simple karaoke machine and do karaoke with grand children, sing with them.

7. Get a binocular and watch birds and wild animals with them.

8. Buy a small microscope and show them how wonderful life is.

9. Buy an inexpensive camera, which helps them to look at nature in a different way.

10. Give money, but don’t give it to buy love. Give money as an admiration for the help and work they do. Don’t commit to give an amount that you cannot afford.

11. If you are into knitting then knit socks, gloves or a simple design sweater. Before doing so, understand their liking and disliking.

12. Give time – play with your grandchildren. Listen to them and take care of them. Take them for a movie, for breakfast, lunch or dinner, art work class and listen to them. This will be a big gift as it boosts their moral.

13. Invite your grandchildren for weekend camp out at your backyard and cook for them.

14. Make a scrapbook for your grandchild.

15. Take them to local attractions like zoo, art gallery, ice skating, playground, musical play, science centers, parks, national park, farm, sanctuary – this will help them to get exposed.

Remember if needed you can always talk to their parents. Do not buy something that will require extra work or special commitment, such as a trip, a pet, or a big project, without permission from children parents. More importantly, get to know your grandchildren. Because the more you know about their likes and interests, the easier it will be to choose a gift.



Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: June 11, 2017

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