How to boost happiness and intelligence in child

How to boost happiness & intelligence in child?

As a parent are you trying to pacify and keep your child happy by buying toys and items that they want? Then realize you are only harming child’s growth. The more you shower them with toys and gifts to keep them happy, the chance of child growing unhappy is more. Moreover, when child is given too many toys (sometimes you see a room full of toys) it creates a lonely, unproductive world for the child. This tend to restrict child’s physical and mental development. During their development children must experience positive and happy environment. Parents should give them such experiences. When parents provide such experiences, not only child’s tantrum will go away, one can see positive behavioral change and a boost in children intelligence.

How to boost happiness and intelligence in child?

  • Plan a trip with children: Visiting various places at least once a year on long holidays helps children to understand the world. Visiting museums, zoo, national parks, heritage centers will help them to get experience of various culture, history and increases their knowledge. They will enjoy spending time with parents, and it becomes a memorable childhood experience for them. Traveling exposes children to new things. It also teaches them how the world works and introduces them to different lifestyle. 
  • Camping trips: When you take children for camping, it teaches them to adopt to the world. They will enjoy sleeping in tent. It is good experience for them to be away from four walls and to be with nature. It makes them more adaptable to the surroundings. It gives them a fresh breath of air. It boosts their confidence and understanding about different types of life farms.  
  • Outdoor and indoor games: Take children for games. As you discuss about your favorite team and expose them to various sports, they will develop curiosity in games, and they may even pick up an interesting sport as their hobby. Go for bowling, tennis, badminton, volleyball and often play with your child. You will also develop a good bond with child. As they grow children will appreciate your efforts.
  • Visiting animal sanctuary: Find out about nearby animal sanctuary and how the animals are rescued. Visiting sanctuary with children will help them to develop compassion and love towards animals. Interacting with animals helps child to interact with peers in healthy manner and boosts mood.
  • Visiting friends and families: Gathering or visiting friends or families will help children to get more socialize. They will know who their family are and what is family background. Parents long term friendship will help them to understand the importance of friendship and socializing.
  • Reading stories: Take children to book stores and library. Help them to select good story books. Have them read the books and let them tell you the story. Sometimes read stories either during bed time or at leisure. Book reading keeps child away from the screen and their imagination will grow. Encourage child to read and write. Buy good children books and have child to keep it safe. Looking at books is a memorable experience for children as it reminds them the quality time they spent with parents.

Instead of buying and showering children with constant gifts and electronic gadgets it is better to spend quality time with children. Parents involvement in children’s studies and activities will have greater academic success. Their social and emotional development will be much better when parents get to know and spend time with children.

Image credit: Image by Bessi from Pixabay 

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: May 17, 2022

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