Smart phone habits to stop

Five Smartphone Habits You Should Stop Immediately

We all are dependent on mobile phones, smart phones so much that we mostly forgotten how to use landline! While smartphone is helping us to communicate on regular basis and connecting to the world there are many habits that we develop while using smart phone. If you have already developed these following habits then you should consider stopping them right away because of following reasons.

  1. Constantly checking phone: Whether you are eating, sleeping, reading, walking or dining outside with friends and families holding and looking at your smartphone does not do any good. Constantly looking at chat, messages, text alerts or playing games prevents you from interacting and focusing on the important tasks and attending to important matters in life. It may not seem so now, but if you analyze what you should be doing, how much attention you have given to your tasks, how much you have interacted with your family recently, how far behind you are in your studies – it will tell you what you are missing in your life and how much far behind you are in reaching your goals.
  2. Watching phone at bedtime: Scrolling on news, messages, especially being on social media before going to sleep will only increase your sleepless nights. Your mind will be thinking about “what message I would have received for my today’s post, my Instagram photos, how many likes I got, what response I received? Etc.” Having sleepless night increases chances of having high blood pressure, lathery, affects your circadian rhythm and harmful for your brain and eyes. Keep your phone away after your dinner or at least two hours before bedtime to get good quality of sleep to keep good health.
  3. Charging phone continuously: Charging phone all the time is not a good idea. It not only reduces smartphone life span also, if you have habit of charging phone overnight can be harmful as you may keep it below your pillow or next to your bed. Some people use cheaper version of power charger and it could overheat the phone resulting in damage of the battery and phone. It could be a hazard for you and your loved ones.
  4. Talking over phone: Apart from texting, some people will receive phone no matter where ever they are.  They even take phone to restroom and bathroom. Is it a good idea? Absolutely not. Apart from chances of your phone falling in toilet or sink and spoiling it, you can also lose important moments with loved ones who are right in front of you. There are instances while attending to a phone call, people forgetting to turn off the stove or to close the tap resulting in damage to the house. Keep a schedule to talk and tell the caller that you will call back or mute it. And don’t forget to turnoff Bluetooth when you are in public. Listening to your one-way conversion can be annoying to people next to you and it disturbs the peace.
  5. Taking selfies constantly: Whether in a meeting, function, going to college, dining out some people have a habit of taking selfie constantly. They also drag others for a group selfie whether they want to be in it or not. Ask before including others. If you are a traveler and visiting places and constantly taking selfie can annoy other tourists because you are blocking them. Sometimes taking selfie in places where they should not like standing on cliff, in front of water fall, bank of river, railway platform, roadside etc. can be dangerous. Be mindful and be alert when you take selfie.

Image credit: Imagen de Pexels en Pixabay (CC by 0)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 5, 2022

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