You can grow vegetables at home

In this era, one income may not be enough to run a family. We all try to save money in different ways.

If you are not working and want to save money and if you have  space in your yard or terrace try vegetable garden. Just like flower garden you can grow beautiful vegetable garden in your little yard.

This gives satisfaction of growing veggies and more over yield will be healthy. These vegetable gardens does not require too much materials. If you have access to banana stem, wooden boxes, pots, big trash cans use them wisely.

Get some soil and plant vegetables. Here are some suggestions to grow vegetables at home.

You can grow vegetables at your home not only to save money. It is a very good hobby and is a mindful diversion from day to day busy life.

If you have couple of trays put fertile soil, soak fenugreek seeds and place on soil. You will see small sprouts coming out!

If you have access to banana trunk, get couple of them make hole using knife, fill soil and plant spinach or tomato.


Do not throw coconut shells. Instead fill soil and grow your spinach, cilantro or mint plants!


If you have more space in yard, along with flowering plants, plant few vegetable plants. They are equally nourishing and gives good look to your yard!


Place few wooden boards in box shapes, fill fertile soil and grow different types of vegetables- cabbage, chilli, tomato, okra, eggplant and even herbs can be grown


If you have place in your terrace, fill soil in gunny bags, trash cans or place wooden boxes and grow vegetables like beans, cucumber, okra and small fruit trees!


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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 21, 2021

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