8 relationship rules for married couple

8 relationship rules for married couple

Some people does not bother about falling in and out of relationships.  However, if someone wants to settle down, get married and want to have a blissful life then they must understand that relationships can be complicated and goes through rough paths on and off. There are certain (unwritten) rules that are passed from generations to today’s couples to take right path in life. These rules help to develop true compatibility by means of learning quality – good and bad in a relationship.

Grandma’s 8 relationship rules for married couple –

  1. Understanding & respect: One mistake we all make when we enter a married life is forgetting to focus on partner’s feelings. We all try to become victim and win the emotional battle. It is important to recognize feeling and the needs of the partner. This helps to understand partner in better way and you will start respecting him/her as human being. To gain respect we should give respect. If there is not respect given, then the relationship becomes sour and married life takes U turn.
  2. Loyalty: If you are into a marriage and if your love is true, then be loyal to your life partner. Always remember, whatever your religion might be, you entered this union because you wanted to. Loyalty is should not be shaken. It means you remain loyal to your relationship.
  3. Fair fighting: Every human has flaws and no one is perfect either in appearance or internally. This should not make us call life partner in bad names. When a person addresses and calls life partner by mean name it is an insult and it hurts the feeling of other. This results in fight. Instead of calling by names, focus on the problem that is in front of you and talk to your spouse calmly.
  4. Sense of humor: Laughing and smiling helps to ease the tense situation. It helps to breath and to look at any issues in a positive way. A good sense of humor will make other person melt and helps to create a stronger bond in relationship.
  5. Intimacy: Sex is not everything in life. Intimacy is important to feel the love. After few years of marriage, one understands that body attraction is limited. Once you understand the value of your life partner, your focus will be only on wellbeing of the partner. Whatever may be the situation that life throws at you, spend quality time together and your bond becomes stronger.
  6. Keeping promises: If you know you cannot keep up the promise then don’t make one. If you know your weakness then don’t says “I promise”. Before promising for any reasons -big or small, think hard. If you cannot keep promise then to be honest. If you cannot keep up with what you promised for, your partner might be disappointed in you. Instead of committing by saying I promise, say I will try.
  7. Appreciate: Always appreciate other persons enthusiasm, caring nature and the contribution to you and your relationship. Feeling wanted and getting appreciation is encouraging for life partner and it guarantees a life that is healthy and happy.
  8. Apologies: In relationship there should not be superior factor. If there is a mistake from your side then apologies. If both of you not sure whose mistake it is then both should apologize to each other. Apologizing, saying sorry does not make you a weak person. It means you care and value about your relationship than fighting to win. Do not drag arguments to hours and days. Do not keep pointing out at the mistake that your partner committed. Forgive and move on with healthy relationship.

It is both partners responsibility to keep relationship going strong and healthy for many years! Many years of togetherness means, a understanding, compatible, loyal relationship with a strong bond!

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Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: December 26, 2018

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