Managing life post delivery

Managing life post delivery

Post-delivery with a new family member addition to family brings several changes in parents life. Visitors who wants to see new born will come, more grocery shopping, attending to baby and finishing laundry etc. Adjusting to new baby as new parents is not that easy and is always a work in progress!

New parents especially face the challenge of staying organized. It takes many months to get used to new schedules. Baby’s things – toys, cloths including tiny socks, caps, feeding bottle, baby water, lotion, extra supplies all around house. All these things need to be organized almost everyday and kept in proper places. If one of the parents is going back to work, then more work will be added to regular schedule. Sleepless nights, baby’s crying, attending to baby’s needs will somewhat frustrating but everyone wants to enjoy the parenthood as much as possible. To enjoy parenthood with new born get organized and it will help both parents to relax and enjoy life without much stress while raising child. Managing life post delivery is easy with these tips

Breastfeeding: Nursing newborn is a job itself. Many mothers suggest having a breastfeeding station to make it comfortable not just for baby for mother too. It might take half an hour to one hour to feed baby and mother should be comfortable to sit. Get a seat that supports body, pillows to support baby, breast pads, cream, burp cloths, baby nail clippers (easy to do it while breastfeeding), water bottle, tissues, reading material, laptop or iPad, remote to listen music, a blanket and baby’s toys.

Bath time: Give a good massage to baby followed by bath. Baby’s generally going to sleep after hot water bath. While baby sleeping you can attend to house work. Once baby start recognizing faces they tend to be awake. You can think of taking shower with baby to save time.

Laundry and cleaning baby’s stuff: It is better to wash baby’s clothes separately. Put trash in one bag, baby’s clothes – dirty and clean in two bins, toys in one bag/bin, baby’s kitchen stuff in another small bin. Sorting like this will save your time to wash and clean. Some parents keep baby’s toys in few rooms and while baby is awake playing with toys, they can attend to their work which ever room baby is playing.

Baby proof area: Build a baby proof area where baby can crawl. Let it be padded and gated. Baby proof area near kitchen/dining room will help you to keep an eye on baby and finish your chores.

Getting sleep: Parents can sleep when baby is sleeping – it is best option to overcome sleepless nights. Keeping a baby monitor helps to track whether baby is awake or sleeping. Don’t neglect your sleep – get good amount of sleep. Taking turn with your spouse to look after baby helps too.

Heading back to work: If both parents must go back and rejoin the work then it is most difficult for most parents, leaving infants behind with someone. Seek your parents help and supervision. If you are using day care then make sure it is reputed and well known. While choosing baby sitters you must be extra careful. Leave necessary instructions and notes behind about baby’s needs – feeding time, sickness, sleeping time etc. Make sure your baby has all that needs – food, toys, medicines if any etc. Week end go for shopping and stack grocery.

Going out with baby:  Keep a bag that contains diaper, baby wipes, extra pair of socks, baby clothes, milk bottle, soft toys, tissues, towels, baby food jar and a plastic bag to fill dirty clothes. Keep this in your car trunk or carry with you when you go out with baby.

Visitors: Avoid inviting high maintenance visitors. You are already loaded with work and inviting visitors makes life bit more rough. Have visitors on certain days and when you feel your day is light then invite them. Don’t make it a party for few months. Let your body get used to house work and baby’s schedules. Don’t entertain guests unless it is someone, who is very close to you and willing to help with your chores.

Schedule: Have a proper schedule and keep it in your phone, on fridge and give it to your spouse. It will help you to remember pediatrician appointment, anything to buy, appointments, your needs for house and for personal use etc.

In every parent’s life baby’s are precious and holding baby in hand and looking at innocent face makes parents happy. Enjoy life with new born and watch your child growing. It is good to devote sometime to your child and same time don’t neglect your health too.

Image credit:Photo by Nynne Schrøder on Unsplash

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: February 4, 2019

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