Reasons to grow Tulsi plant at home

Reasons to grow Tulsi plant at home

Tulsi also known as Tulasi or Holy Basil plant is very auspicious and holiest of all the plants for various reasons. It has gained a prominent place in Hindu culture for good reasons.

Having a Tulsi plant at home gives positive energy for the house and for people who live in it. The positive energy comes from the evergreen leaves, plants fragrance and its beauty.

Tulsi’s benefits are backed by science. Scientists are exploring those phytochemicals that are present in Tulsi for Cancer treatment!

Do you know – Tulsi plant appears in environment in three different kinds based on the color and texture of leaf. Krishna Tuli, Sri Tulsi or Rama Tulsi and Vana Tulsi.

  • Rama Tulsi: Green Tulsi also known as Sri Tulsi has light purple flowers and produces scent somewhat like clove. The aroma is soothing and one can eat these leaves raw easily.
  • Krishna Tulsi: As the name indicates leaves of Krishna Tulsi is somewhat bluish or purplish and blackish It also gives clove like bit stronger aroma and has a bit of spicy flavor.
  • Vana Tulsi : Brighter green leaves and grows wild. It has a lemony aroma with bit of clove flavor.

The reasons to have Tulsi in every home is for following reasons : In Atharva veda there is mention about Tulsi’s medicinal values. We all know Tulsi provides many medicinal benefit – It is very useful home remedy for conditions like cough, cold, asthma, mouth odor, diarrhea, stomach ache, skin problem, diabetes, blood purification, fever etc. (see here). In Ayurveda both Rama and Krishna Tulsi are used for various medicine preparations. All Tulsi varieties are known for boosting immune system.

Apart from these home remedies, Tulsi has been part of our offerings, traditions and festivals.

  • Whether in pot or around the house having this holy plant is beneficial for our overall health.
  • Tulsi is known for removing mosquito problems around house.
  • It reduces air pollution and gives fresh, healthy air.
  • Eating Tulsi leaves not only calms mind, also restores confidence – this is the reason Tulsi is offered to God
  • Every morning watering Tulsi plants gives a sense of happiness and throughout the day the positive smile radiates.
  • Tulsi stem beads are useful for meditation purpose and helps to keep mind focused.
  • Drinking Tulsi water helps us to focus on effective communication.
  • Sprinkling Tulsi water inside home is also for a reason – it removes negative energy
  • Drinking Tulsi seed water (seeds soaked in water) helps to relax and gives a sense of happiness.
  • According to Hindu Vaastu Shastra, a house that has Tulsi removes all the obstacles presented to the house.

Why wait? Grow Tulsi plants in your home not just for above reasons, also for environment because Tulsi takes out pollution very effectively.

How to grow Tulsi plant? Tulsi need moderate Sun light. If you are growing Tulsi from seed stage, then sow Tulsi seeds 1-2 inches deep in soil and cover a thin layer of soil so that seed will come in contact with soil and water. Water seeds using a spray bottle and let the pot receive morning sun light. Seeds will germinate in -1-2 weeks. After 2 weeks take out small plants and transfer them to small pots or soil bed. If you are living in severe winter weather area, during winter bring pots inside and provide enough light for Tulsi and treat it as an indoor plant.

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Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: December 16, 2018

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