Kitchen hacks one should know

Kitchen hacks one should know

Some kitchen hacks are really useful and makes our kitchen work easy.

  1. If you are using cutting board to cut vegetables and cutting board is moving chances of cutting your fingers is always there. Don’t worry, place a damp paper towel under the cutting board and it is secured in one place
  2. To peel ginger skin, if you don’t have a peeler or misplaced it use a spoon instead of knife.
  3. To peel garlic cloves, take whole garlic and separate cloves by putting pressure. Transfer the cloves in a bottle, put the lid and shake well.
  4. Other way to peel garlic clove is, keep cloves in a microwave container and warm it for 15 secs. Now it is easy to peel the garlic skin.
  5. If butter is too hard and have difficulty in spreading on toast all you need to do is, take a knife and glass of hot water. Dip knife in the water and cut the butter.
  6. If the bread or bun that you bought from store becomes hard and not yet expired, take the bread and cover with a wet paper towel. Bake for 5 minutes. Bread or bun, it becomes soft. Alternatively you can keep in microwave for few seconds.
  7. To keep cut fruits from browning, mix lemon juice with honey and sprinkle on the cut fruits.
  8. To remove seeds from cucumber and squash fruit, use a ice-cream scooper.
  9. If you find it hard to peel citrus fruit skin, microwave fruit for just few seconds and peeling of skin becomes easy!
  10. To stop onions hurting and tearing your eyes, after peeling keep onion for few minutes in freezer. Or hold a bread piece in your mouth. It absorbs Sulfur from onion.
  11. If you cannot spread the hard butter, then use a grater to grate it like cheese and spread it on the bread
  12. If honey in the kitchen is crystallized, take a bowl of water and boil it. Place the honey container in the hot water bowl – you will get de-crystallized honey.
  13. To keep left over cakes for few more days, keep sliced breads with cake. Bread keeps the cake moisture for sometime.
  14. To get clear ice cubes, boil and cool the water before putting in ice cube maker.
  15. To avoid mess while boiling liquids or broth in a pot, place a wooden spoon across on top of the pot. Being a poor conductor of heat, wooden peace stops over boiling and the mess.

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Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: November 3, 2017

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