When should you wash your clothes?

When should you wash your clothes?

We all have that habit – sniffing and wearing clothes.

Sniffing may give you satisfaction of smelling deodorant that is sitting in your shirt but it won’t tell you how dirty is your cloth.

When should you wash your clothes? It is better to wash clothes as per the fabric and as often as it needs.

Here are recommendations –

  1. Dress and office pants: Wash after 6 wears- Generally dress pants are worn for office and party occasions. They are made of synthetic blend material. Don’t need to wash them everyday. Wash after 6 wears.
  2. White clothes: After every and each wear – To retain the white color of the cloth one need to wash white clothes often. If not, color will change to yellow and looks dirty.
  3. Winter clothes:
  • Gloves, scarves and hats: In a season minimum 4 times. Because they will collect oil from hair, facial oil and make up. Gloves get dirty easily as we wear them whenever we stepout during cold season.
  • Sweater: Every 3 wears – Sweaters absorb sweat and dirt. Sometimes we wear them inside our winter jacket. This retains more sweat inside the sweater.
  • Synthetic jacket: Once every 6 wears – Dirt, sweat and exposure to outside conditions makes them dirty easily (snow removal, leaf removal or car wash during winter). Most synthetic jackets can be washed in washing machine in and out. Inner linings can be removed and washed separate.
  • Leather jacket: Never or may be once in a season. If you are a fan of leather jacket and have one, try not to wash leather jacket because they are extremely resilient and meet your skin.
  • Socks: Wash them often. Socks after every wear should be washed and dried. Keep extra pair of socks always.
  1. Leggings and meditation yoga pants: Wash them every 2 wears or alternate days. Depending on how often you exercise you can decide. Often wearing yoga pants causes sweating and they also absorb sweat.
  2. Swimsuits: After your every wear – considered similar to undergarments, must wash them after every wear to protect hygiene.
  3. Undergarments: Underwear: Wash everyday.  No explanation needed – it is critical and important.
  4.  Bras : can be worn 2-3 times before washing. Give your bra a rest day in between. This will give elastic a chance to regain its shape.
  5. Regular shirts and T-shirts: After every wear. If you are planning to wear them without washing – test before wearing. Body odor and sweat odor can come out from the shirts which you may not able to recognize after wearing. Shirts absorb sweat easily as shirts are primary contact of the arm pit and body.
  6. Pajamas : Every 3 wears is fine. If it is cold at night you might not sweat. If you sweat while sleeping and wearing pajamas then you may have to think of washing pajamas next day.
  7. Jeans: After every 5 wears. Washing jeans every time can only harm and stretch the jeans a lot. When you wash jeans use cold water to retain the color and freshness of the jeans.
  8. Bath towel : Once or twice a week. Depends on how much your body sweating, how much you are exercising or doing physical work. Bath towels should be hung to dry between uses. Towels need to be allowed to dry before they are used again.
  9. Bathing suits: should be washed after every wear.
  10. Suit: 3-4 times for wool and 4-5 times for synthetics. Depending on the lifestyle or environment you may need to dry clean more often. You need to clean them often if you expose suit to smoky bars, smog or smelly environments or if your suit gets stained.
  11. Wash all types of cloths:
  • If you drool, vomit or spill something on the cloth.
  • If you sweat a lot
  • If you cook for a longtime in kitchen
  • If you cleaned bathroom and toilet
  • If you spent time cleaning backyard and dirt removal
  • If you come in contact with blood and other stains


Grandma’s tips: www.healthylife.werindia.com

Image credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-looking-searching-clean-2371/ (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 17, 2017

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