15 ways to beat summer heat

15 ways to beat summer heat

Summer means outdoor activities, hot temperature and sweating.

Sometimes we stay back indoor at home or office and allow body to cool down.

All does not have privilege of AC and there are people who work hard in bright Sun.

When we expose to hot weather we know what happens to the body.

To beat summer heat whether indoor or outdoor here are tips from grandma…

1. Use Sun blockers: Hang a damp sheet on the open window when the outside air is dry and cooler than inside. Block the Sun by closing curtain and blinds. Use white shades to cover window to reduce heat absorption.

2. Ventilation: Give enough ventilation to all rooms. Run fans or AC if you have. This will keep body cool. If you need run humidifier especially at night. Keeping temperature around 23 to 25C will give good sleep.

3. Close fireplace: Open fireplace pulls hot air into house. Close fire place damper and close windows and doors closed if outside temperature crossed 75°F.

4. Wear cotton clothes: Cotton clothes keeps you cool at summer. Synthetic material makes it hotter for the body.

5. Stay hydrated: Perspiration and sweating reduces water in body causing dehydration. Drink cool water and avoid alcohol and sugary drinks. Keep excessive sweat at bay. Infuse water with lime, mint, citrus or cut ripe fruits. Drinking coconut water helps to reduce heat.

6. Look for cool places: If you don’t have AC at home, see out cool places – restaurants, malls, library. Taking a break from heat gives lot of relief.

7. Go easy on exercise: Too much exercise in hot summer can increase body pain and inflammation. Evening and early morning are best time to exercise during summer. Drink more water if you go for walk or outdoor activities.

8. Eat light: Heavy meals will overload stomach. Instead, have liquid foods – cold soup, salads, fruits and raw vegetables will help body to be cool.

9. Shower: Have quick shower in between. It does not have to be a long water wasting shower. A quick rinse in cold water/ a splash will help. Or wet a towel and wipe your body with cold water.

10. Apply oil: If your body feels tired because of heat, apply coconut oil on legs and hands.

11. Swimming: Take a dip on swimming pool. Many gyms have swimming facility.

12. Wear hat: Whenever you step out wear a hat and if you feel like wear sunglasses. Hat keeps head somewhat cool and sunglasses protects from hot sun, dust and radiation.

13. Use cucumber: Place cut cucumbers in fridge and place them on eyes to beat heat effect on eyes. It removes dark circles and puffiness around eyes.

14. Cool sheets: If your body is too hot and bed feels hot too then it won’t be comfortable to sleep. Try this – keep sheets in a plastic bag and store in freezer for half an hour or so. Spread sheets on bed and go to sleep!

15. Aromatherapy: Use essential oils diffuser – rose or lavender before going to bed to relax and cool down.

Grandma’s tips from www.Healthylife.werindia.com

Image by Adriano Gadini from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: June 22, 2018

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