List of things you must have in utility drawer

List of things you must have in utility drawer

Tool box, tool kit or utility drawer at home must have several things that are helpful and comes handy.

It makes life easy and better.

  1. Flashlight: Small or big one should always have a flashlight.  If you don’t have space, go for small LED flashlight and it comes in handy. It might be small but gives powerful bright light.
  2. Tape measure: You will need it if you are into building something or bringing new furniture to home or for putting up pictures.
  3. Extra batteries: Have few sizes assorted batteries for flashlight, remotes, garage door opener, home security system, alarm, clocks etc.
  4. Lighter: You might need it to light lamps, gas stove, candles or for outdoor barbecue or a picnic. Don’t forget fire place needs one too if you have wood burning fire place.
  5. Match box: Keep one or two match boxes always at home. If power goes off to light candles, lamps or to light fire place etc it is helpful.
  6. Candles: Few candles should be stored in tool drawer. Keep candles in a Ziploc bag and during emergency, when there is no power or for dinner you might need it.
  7. Sewing kit: You need it always. When you lose a button or repair jeans, blouse – you definitely need one.
  8. Safety pins: Well, safety pins can save you from embarrassment from wardrobe malfunction. Keep few assorted sizes of safety pins always. It helps to drag cloth string too!
  9. Hammer: Keep two different size hammers. To hang pictures and sometimes to break things and nuts.
  10. String /twine: You might need string to close bag, to tie plants, or to keep things together.
  11. Cutting pliers: Toolboxes will have one, but have couple of different size pliers. They always come in handy – in emergencies. To fix fixtures, to tighten or loosen nuts etc.
  12. Screw driver: Need for fixing many things at home. To loosen or to tighten the bolts, to remove tin cover, for furniture assembly etc.
  13. Scotch tape: Keep extra scotch tapes. Once the scotch tape dispenser is empty, you know where to find them.
  14. Duct tape: Very useful for many things – to keep things in place, for boxes, to bind materials, remove pet hair to hold things etc.
  15. Box cutter: Having a box cutter is good, you don’t need to touch kitchen knives for opening boxes or to cut paper or plastic.
  16. Rubber bands: Always useful for many purposes.  If you open a vegetable bag, to close use rubber band. Rubber band can be used to keep things tidy.
  17.  Clips: Different types of clips – for chips bag, for papers you need them. Binder clips are helpful for paper organization.
  18. Glue: Super glue, paper glue, art glue – all you need for different purposes.
  19. Pens and pencils – Both should be in drawer as you need them always.
  20. Pins – Push pins, simple pins are essential too. If you have habit of painting, into art, using display board then you will need push pins and thumbtacks both.
  21. Scissor: Keep a pair of scissors for everyday use.


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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: June 14, 2018

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