12 aromatic plants that should be part of our home garden

Twelve aromatic plants that should be part of our home garden

If you want to have an aromatic herbal garden consider these 12 plants that are not only attractive but also colorful and sends out the relaxing fragrance inside and outside your house.

Many of these plants – rosemary, geranium, tulsi, lemon balm will release their aromas better when brushed against each other – based on this factor have a proper plan when you plant them.

If you plant them in pots, you can transfer them keep indoor during winter time.

  1. Gardenia: Partial shade and well-drained soil (acidic in nature) is good for gardenia. Scented flowers spreads its fragrance around the house. They don’t like cold weather; however potted plant can be bought inside the house during cold weather.
  2. Jasmine: There are many varieties of jasmine and all like moderate temperature. Morning or evening sun is good for jasmine for flowering. Whether you leave it in plant or pluck the flowers and put it in water – fragrance spreads and musky scent remains for many days.
  3. Dianthus: There are as many as 300 varieties of dianthus. It has bit spicy smell and flowers are attractive too. Dianthus likes full sun and well-drained soil.
  4. Calendula: Beautiful plant and flower blooms throughout the flowering season. Flowers has sweet, resin -like aroma. Full Sun is good for calendula.
  5. Lavender: Preferred fragrance is lavender with many. It has beautiful blue- violet color flowers. Fragrance of flowers has bit of a sedative effect and very soothing. Dry lavender flowers can be stored in bottle. Moderate sun is good for lavender.
  6. Roses: Beautiful roses comes in several varieties. Sweet scented flowers varieties spread the fragrance when the wind blows. Fragrance blows from lower petal region. Rosa damacaena is one category one should consider. Rose does not need very hot Sun. Good sun light exposure is enough for their growth.
  7. Scented geraniums: Fantastic scent from these geranium varieties makes them one of the most desired fragrant flowers. They grow well in borders, along hedge and can be potted. Leaves releases enchanting fragrance when are wounded or brushed. They love full sun and grow in almost all types of soil.
  8. Juniper: Among gymnosperms this fragrant bearing hedge plant is popular. Fragrance is fresh, spicy, slightly pungent and desirable.
  9. Lemon balm: Refreshing garden scent can be obtained by lemon balm. It is a low maintenance herb that grows in little shade and sun. Well drained soil with bit of sand will help them to grow luxuriously. Bit of a drought condition keeps them producing more aroma.
  10. Eucalyptus: Small to larger trees, eucalyptus smells like a blended mixture of sage and menthol. It grows well in warmer climates and survives in moist, well drained soil. They can grow as potted plants but should be bought inside home during winter. Dry leaves, bark, fruits and flowers – all sends out fragrance that helps in healing.
  11. Rosemary: An evergreen herb with blue flowers that sends out fragrance with multiple effects – reduces anxiety, enhances clarity and decreases stress hormone level. Rosemary can be planted near vegetable plants and is a friendly plant, companion plants of many.
  12. Holy basil: The fresh air and the fragrance that comes from these holy plant is very soothing and highly medicinal. There are many varieties of basil – all of them are good to have in home garden. Bit of sun, well-drained soil helps them to grow well. Tulsi is the name and the air from the plant is said to be healing.

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: July 18, 2017

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