Shoe care tips

Shoe care tips

Your feet health depends on your shoe too! Taking care of your shoe is important because you don’t want to end up in some type of foot ailment.

When you are working, depending on type of work you might need to wear proper shoes. Some places need special types of shoes to protect feet. Buying and wearing shoes is an investment.  When you buy shoes make sure it fits properly to your feet. If not, you might end up in blisters that can take time to heal.

After buying costly shoes it is important to take care of shoes and maintenance of shoes depends on their texture. If you keep shoes clean it will protect your toe nails and feet. If not, you may end up not only with stinky shoes also it can cause microbial infections!! It becomes a hygiene issue.

How to take care of your shoes? Here are few tips.

1. Before wearing shoes, make sure that your feet are clean and wear socks. Trim your toenails and keep space between toes clean and neat.

2. Shine shoes if you keep wearing them. Shine the shoe after you buy them and before wearing them. It is important because, it not only protects the shoe, it also gives good impression about yourself when you are at work or in public.

Smelly feet problem?

  • If your shoe is giving bad odor, put baking soda inside the shoe and let it sit overnight. Baking soda absorbs the odor
  • Another way to remove odor from shoe is use mixture of white vinegar and water. Use a rag to clean inner surface using this mixture and leave it to dry.
  • Use black tea bags – boil the tea bags and cool them. Place the cooled tea bags inside the shoe overnight. Wipe the excess decoction that may sit inside the shoe using dry towel.
  • Don’t be lazy… wear clean socks!

 3. To remove scuff marks from shoe surface use non-gel toothpaste. Apply a little and use soft cloth to rub the surface.

4. If shoes are wet during rainy or snow season, insert newspaper or paper towel inside the shoe – paper will absorb the moisture. If not, microbes will grow inside your shoe. Keeping the shoe near the heat source spoils the shoe material.

5. Use petroleum jelly to keep your shoe in condition. Apply little Vaseline jelly so that shoe will retain its longevity.

6. To remove salt from the shoe surface use 2/3 of water and 1/3 vinegar mixture. Dip a rag in the solution and dab it on the shoe surface. Use a towel to dry the surface.

7. If you are wearing leather shoe, while you keeping the shoe on rack insert a cedar shoe tree to absorb moisture. It also removes the odor from shoe.

8. Add a rubber sole to protect the original sole of your dress shoe. It protects the original sole and gives extra cushion that feet need.

9. Give rest to your shoes. If can afford have one or two more pairs of shoes and rotate shoes each day.

10. Cleaning and maintenance of different shoe materials: Cleaning the shoes depends on the fabric material. If you use leather shoe polish and condition it. Suede should be brushed. Use stain guard to protect the fabric. Use fabric shampoo to wash your canvas shoes. Avoid using washing machine. Washing machine can damage the shoe.

11. Shoe storage: Store the shoes that you don’t use often in a proper box. Always keep shoes back in shoe racks. Don’t keep shoes near heat source after your exercise or if they are wet. Use one of the above-mentioned method to remove water or sweat and make sure shoes are dried properly before placing them rack. If not, you might end up in toe fungus or rashes.

Now a day there are many types of shoes available including for those who are diabetic. Understand and learn how to keep your feet and shoes clean and microbe free.  Sometimes smaller wounds can end up in major foot ailments.

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Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: August 10, 2017

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