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Vajradanti plant is known for its traditional application for promoting oral health, especially for dental health. In home remedies and Ayurveda, Vajradanti formulations are used for dental problems and oral health. It is an important ingredient in many herbal toothpastes and mouthwash products. In Sanskrit Vajra means dimond and danti means teeth.

Botanica name of the plant is, Barleria prionitis. Common name is Porcupine flower! Plant is small shrub with spines and beautiful bright yellow flowers. Leaves, roots, bark, tender stem – all these parts are used for remedies in the form of paste, khashayam, powder, poultice application etc. It contains high amount of potassium. Shrub is known to help in curing kapha dosha.

Vajradanti has several benefits and has following medicinal applications

·         Anti-inflammatory – Helps in reducing inflammation of body

·         Diaphoretic (helps to sweat)

·         Diuretic – for kidney conditions

·         Anti-catarrhal – it helps to clear mucus and phlegm

·         Antiseptic – Reduces infections

Vajradanti exhibits many medicinal properties and widely used in- treatment of gastro-intestinal disorders, constipation, intestinal worms, liver disorders, whooping cough, fever, toothache, respiratory problems, joint pain. It shows hepatoprotective, anti-stress, immuno-restorative, diuretic, anti inflammatory, antioxidant properties. This plant is a good nervine tonic and used in nerve disorders.

Did you know? Crude extract of Vajradanti is also beneficial in graying of hair, arthritis and goiter curing.  Vajradanti has antimicrobial activity and useful in many infectious diseases. It has antiseptic properties, hence the extracts of the plant are incorporated into herbal cosmetics and hair products to promote skin and scalp health.

Parts of Vajradanti can be applied topically as well as can be taken orally to reduce or cure several conditions.

1.       For oral health:

·         If there is gum paining and there is bleeding, take few fresh leaves of Vajradanthi, add little rock salt prepare a paste. Apply the paste on gum evenly. Leave it for half an hour, wash using lukewarm water.

·         Root decoction is used as mouthwash or mouth rinse helps to get rid of mouth ulcers

·         For tooth cavities as well as bleeding gums crushed leaves or leaves paste can be applied to affected area.

·         Just like neem twigs, chewing vajradanti twigs daily is good for oral health.

·         It also reduces swelling in gums

2.       For cough and cold:

·         Grind a palm full of fresh leaves with very little water and collect about 5 to 10 ml of juice to this add little honey and drink.

·         Dry bark powder with honey has some beneficial effect for those who suffer from asthma.

3.       For high blood pressure: Drinking leaf juice helps to reduce high blood pressure

4.       For diabetes: Prepare fresh or dry leaves khashayam and drink twice a day.

5.       For skin:

·         Leaf paste helps to reduce itching, chilblains, eczema and skin allergies and gives relief.

·         For fungal infections -Grind dry root to prepare powder and mix with lemon juice.  Apply this on infected area.

·         For cracks in feet – applying leaf paste on cracks in the feet will help in recovery.

6.       For arthritis and joint problems:

·         Vajradanti reduces inflammation. Prepare poultice using leaves and apply on joint pain to reduce pain.

7.       For hair: Entire plant parts can be used for hair care. Mix crushed plant part in sesame oil and heat it a little. Apply this oil on scalp prevents hair loss.

8.       For fertility: Both in men and women vajradanti promotes reproductive organs health and improves fertility.

Caution: Do not take Vajradanti with other prescriptions as it can cause side effects.

Image credit: J.M.Garg, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons



Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: March 29, 2022

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