Herbs for infertility cure

Herbs and foods for infertility cure

After marriage, every woman dreams of becoming mother. It is a natural feeling.  For some it is easy to conceive.

With career, stress, travel and running age for many it becomes difficult to get pregnant. After trying two, three years if a person not conceived, then it is better to consult your gynecologist.

Meanwhile, try some of the traditional home remedies – herbs and foods recommendation that can also help to conceive and cure infertility.

There are many herbs that can help to conceive.

Some of the herbs can be included in your food or can be used as external application. Look for herbal supplements that can help to conceive.

  1. Apply warm castor oil on abdomen. Castor oil helps to invigorate blood and balance hormone levels. You can apply warm castor oil packs on lower abdomen two to three times a day during premenstrual and menstrual time.
  2. Use essential oils during warm baths – myrrh, clary sage, peppermint, rosemary, juniper, lavender and thyme oil – add few drops of one of the oil that you like and have warm bath to relax and reduce body stress.

Below are list of herbs (supplements and fresh) that can cure infertility in women and help to concieve.

  1.  Black cohosh: Root of black cohosh brings menstrual bleeding and makes it more regular. (supplement) – One can prepare black cohosh tea and consume daily. It is similar to other herbal tea where you have to infuse powder in hot water and drink.
  2. Parsley: Tap root, seeds, leaves of parsley are good as emmenagogue and brings menstruation to normalcy. It is also rich source of vitamin C (fresh). Prepare salad or add parsley in your foods
  3. Shatavari: Asparagus promotes regular menstrual cycles and helps in bringing estrogen level to normalcy. (supplement) Consume 1 tsp of shatavari powder with a glass of warm milk.

Asparagus is also available in market. One can prepare stir fry and consume.

  1. Tribulus: Aerial part and fruits of this small herb helps in bringing ovulation to normalcy. It also known to increase FSH serum and estradiol levels in women (supplement). Mix Tribulus powder with honey (1/2 tsp in 1 Tbsp honey) and consume. If you are familiar with plant (it is tropical), you can use leaves and young shoots as vegetables.
  2. Dandelion: Leaf and roots are good for stimulating cervical mucous (fresh). Use it as salad or prepare Dandelion dish – chutney or tea
  3. Licorice: Root of licorice promotes cervical mucous secretions and helps in balancing hormones (supplement).
  4. Ashwagandha: It supports endocrine system and reduces autoimmune fertility issues (supplement) Mix 1/2 tablespoon of ashwagandha powder in a glass of warm water. Drink it twice daily.
  5. Pomegranate: One can eat pomegranate fruits regularly Or use powdered seeds – take ½ tsp with a glass of warm water daily
  6. Cinnamon: Bark reduces heavy menstrual bleeding and improves blood circulation ( dry bark). Add 1 tsp of cinnamon powder to one cup of water and consume daily for a few months. Include cinnamon powder in your diet.
  7. Dates: Grind few dates with cilantro root and make a paste. Add ¾ cup of fresh cow milk and boil. Drink this for few days till you concieve
  8. Ginger: It increases circulation in the body and reduces inflammation and associated pain (fresh or dry). Add ginger in your food in smaller amounts.
  9. Saffron: Saffron acts as aphrodisiac and is good for health. It increases blood flow ( available in market)
  • Ask your doctor before taking supplements.

Food recommendation:

  1. Eat foods that are natural and not treated hormonally.
  2. Avoid pesticide sprayed and non-organic food.
  3. Avoid refined and hydrogenated oil.
  4. Try to get unprocessed plant sources of essential fatty acids
  5. Consume flax seeds – add flax seeds in your salad, curry and prepare flax seed chutni powder. Flax seed supplies both linoleic and alpha linolenic fatty acids that is good for uterus.
  6. Consume pumpkin and chia seed oils – make sure oil is not old and recently compressed
  7. Consume lemons, limes, onions
  8. Eat walnuts, dark greens, cucumber, squash
  9. Avoid heat producing root vegetables like taro (Colocacia) and fruits such as papaya
  10. Consume omega – 3 fatty acid food sources
  11. Vegetarians need Vitamin B, C, E, selenium, Zinc from external sources. Include foods that supply these nutrients in your diet. Include leafy vegetables, beans and wheat germ in your diet.
  12. Do not eat meat as meat can increase inflammation levels and also might contain additives
  13. Avoid foods that increase cortisol and estrogen levels that are responsible for more infertility issues
  14. Reduce refined sugar intake – instead try brown sugar.
  15. Consume buttermilk, yogurt, ghee – all these supplies good amount of protein and keeps gut in good condition.
  16. Consuming homemade food is highly recommended. Include turmeric in your food – it reduces inflammation and is considered friendly for women.
  17. Include drum stick in your diet – prepare curry, sambar and consume with rice. Drum stick leaves can also be used for preparing curry and consume with roti, chapathi. Drum stick has aphrodisiac property.

Keep up good spirit and stay positive:

  •  For conception it is important to have positive thoughts and positive energy running in the entire body.
  • Rest and get good sleep – get a comfortable sleep everyday
  • Take warm bath with one of the essential oil mentioned above
  • Go for regular, moderate daily exercise to improve circulation and ease any symptoms of stress.
  • Do what you want to do – get into a hobby that keeps you happy.

Grandma’s remedies: www.werindia.com

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Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: March 13, 2018

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