Detoxifying helps to reset body

Detoxifying helps to reset body

Do you know detoxifying helps to reset body for better? One reason we all feel fatigued, tired, bloated and lethargic is due to consumption of foods that are loaded with toxins.

Processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, street foods, excess sugar, fast foods – all these are loaded with toxins.

These toxins interfere in our system and create havoc in the balance of bacterial population that live in our gut. Gut inflamed by these foods resulting range of symptoms.

It is important to cleanse body time to time to turn off the fire that is causing the problem and bring back normalcy. This whole process of detoxification need to happen with help of good foods.

What happens to body when toxins accumulate? Toxins enter our body through food, inhalation or through blood (sometimes). These harmful toxic chemicals interfere in body system by reducing the function of various organs.

Lymph, kidney, liver, intestines, circulatory systems all are designed to naturally detox our body. By too much toxins accumulation all these organs will be overwhelmed and may not able to detoxify efficiently. This causes toxemia- build up of toxins in the body eventually causing various diseases.

Liver: High amount of toxins will store in liver creating fat and causes inflammation. Detoxification helps liver to do its job more effectively turning toxins to substances the body can excrete.

Skin: Looks aged, results in pimples with oil accumulation, color change and sick look. Cleansing helps skin to excrete toxins such as lead, cadmium etc. This brings back bright skin, healthy look and freshness.

Brain: Feeling low energy, sleepy, mental fogginess is result of toxins. Detoxification helps to pick up energy and all those worst symptoms will diminish. Brain boost is result of balancing gut and removal of toxins from liver.

Mind and mood: Eliminating toxins acts as a mood buster. It helps to maintain positive attitude and encourages to have healthy habits. One can notice positive attitude and improvement in sleep and person will be cheerful.

Following seven methods helps to detoxify the system to bring back normalcy.

  • Smoothies: Start your day with fresh fruit and vegetables filled smoothie. Smoothies help to detoxify body naturally while supplying enough nutrients and energy for the day. Prepare smoothies with kale, parsley and, green apples or bananas. Every one of these ingredients have detoxifying factors. Looking for more smoothie recipe? Click here.
  • Super foods: Include foods that supply vitamins and nutrients that also help in weight loss by boosting metabolism. Phytochemicals and antioxidants present in super foods help body to get rid of toxins and keeps our immune system strong. Super foods like black beans, red lentils, blue berries, milk, kale, quinoa, almonds, broccoli, apple, avocado, garlic, pomegranate, flax, sweet potato, oranges are few examples of super foods. Include these vegetables and fruits in your everyday meal. Eat those super foods that are available in that season.
  • Green tea: If you want to replace coffee with something good, then green tea should be your choice. It gives several health benefits while improving immune system. Green tea removes toxins with its antioxidant property.
  • Water: Of course, water is the one universal liquid that keeps us alive. It helps in weight loss, reduces thirst and keeps cells hydrated. Increasing drinking water amount bit everyday helps in body to flush more amount of toxins and constantly it throws toxins. Understand how much water you should be consuming based on your age and activities.
  • Eat organic: Forget about processed food for a while. Eat colorful varieties of organic produces and organic whole grains. Eat whole plant foods that are organic – this will not only supply micronutrients also, will not add toxins to the body as it is organic food.
  • Sweat in Sauna or in Sun: Exposing your body in hot sauna leads to sweating. Sweat removes toxins. Avoid Air conditioner for some time and step out in hot Sun for few minutes. Sweating is one of the best way to detoxify the body.
  • Exfoliate: Oil massages and skin brushing helps to exfoliate the toxins skin and refreshes blood circulation.
  • Regular exercise: Exercising every day for few minutes, enhances metabolism, digestion and increases circulation in blood and lymph system. It reduces stress, tension and helps in removing toxins by sweating. It means people who exercise regularly will accumulate less amount of toxins in the system.
  • Regulate food intake: Follow a balanced diet that is rich in fiber, protein and carbohydrates. Control your portion intake. You can try intermittent fasting once a while.

Detoxification is nothing but clean eating habit or diet.  It means when body feels worst, it needs a vacation from those foods that makes it cranky and unhealthy. It helps to clean up the junk sitting in our system. It is nothing but resetting the button to feel better about yourself.

Image credit: Photo by Mariah Hewines on Unsplash (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: January 29, 2018

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