Betel nut Supari chewing benefits

Betel nut Supari chewing benefits

Areca or betel nut also known as supari has a long history in many Asian countries.

It has important cultural and social tradition in India and neighbouring countries. In India it is one of the most popular after food item.

Many people chew betel nut to relax and boost mood. Reason for this is the content of betel nut which is nothing but alkaloids.

These alkaloids release adrenaline in system and a feeling of euphoria and well being arises after eating betel nut.

Betel nut has many traditional medicinal properties and used for home remedies.

  1. It is a psychoactive and stimulant. Eating betel nut helps in boosting energy and mind.
  2. Chewing betel nut helps in reducing dry mouth symptoms. It produces more amount of saliva. A
  3. Chewing little amount of betel nut helps in improving speech.
  4. It is good for bladder control and helps in strengthening muscle
  5. To reduce anemia in pregnant women betel nut is preferred traditional medicine. It helps to bring back iron content and reduces blood sugar level.
  6. Betel nut helps those people who suffer from brain injury related speech inhibition and muscle control.
  7. Eating betel nuts after meal helps in digestion and increases metabolism. Betel leaf and betel nuts with mouth freshener is called paan.
  8. Chewing betel nut helps in reducing cavities in mouth.
  9. Chewing betel nut strengthens gums
  10. It helps in controlling stomach worms -In addition to chewing, one can boil betel nuts with java ginger (Temulawak) and drink the liquid.
  11. In addition, chewing betel nut also reduces dysentery.
  12. During travel, chewing betel nut helps in controlling travel sickness like nausea and vomiting.

Instead of eating supari alone (it can be bitter), people add various ingredients and make it more interesting to eat.

  • In some parts, natural herbal colors are added making it somewhat black – purple giving a bit different taste than original supari.
  • Thin slices of raw supari boiled in milk, sugar and cardamom and dried in sun light is liked by many.
  • A mixture of pieces of supari, sugar and flavoring agents –is common form of supari available in India.
  • Slices of raw supari roasted in clarified butter (ghee) and sugar added tastes good. Instead of sugar one can add salt.
  • Thin slices of raw supari cooked in sugar and cardamom syrup and sun dried is another way to make supari tasty.
  • Another traditional way to eat supari is with betel leaf, sugar, gulkan and other mouth fresheners.

How much betel nut is too much?  Eating betel nut too many times a day can cause dry throat, cough and taste bud change. People who suffer from cough should reduce or should not eat betel nut. Eating little (1/2 tsp to 1 tsp) of cut betel nut per day is recommended. Many reports say that eating betel nut can cause cancer of different forms – mouth, throat, stomach etc. People can be addicted to betel nut with long-term usage.

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