Home remedy: Medicinal uses of Betel leaf

Home remedy: Medicinal uses of Betel leaf

Betel leaf plant belongs to same family as pepper. It is famous in India and other Asian countries as pan. Betel leaf has taken important role in Indian traditions and ceremonies. It also has several health benefits and has a major role in Ayurveda medicine. Piper betle is a climber with thousands of years of historical use for blood sugar support, respiratory health, digestive health and more. It is indigenous throughout India and the Malay region. Betel leaf has been shown to support healthy blood sugar levels, and works effectively for weight loss by increasing adiponectin, that regulates glucose level.

The many health benefits of Betel leaf is listed below.

1. For cough, phlegm and cold add salt and black pepper to one Betel leaf and consume.

2. If you are suffering from gastritis related headache keep Betel leaf on top of both ears. This reduces the headache. It has analgesic and cooling properties. You can apply the betel leaf on your forehead to ease headaches.

3. For prolonged cold and phlegm, chew couple of Betel leaves every day.

4. Add Tulsi (holy basil) leaf juice, Betel leaf juice and a tsp of honey, mix and consume when you have cold and cold related allergies.

5. If your throat is bothering you, chew few roots of Betel leaf plant.

6. If your child has indigestion and stomach ache, slightly warm the Betel leaf on both sides and apply castor oil on both surface of leaf.Place it on the tummy for few minutes and repeat it few times.

7. For dry cough, put few drops of honey on Betel leaf and chew or add few drops of honey, black pepper to Betel leaf juice and consume.

8. For small wounds apply Betel leaf juice and lime juice (equal proportion) -wounds heal fast. It is rich in poly-phenols, especially chavicol. Local application of the betel leaf acts a pain reliever and an anti-inflammatory agent.

9. For constipation – chew couple of Betel leaves with Betel nut. This is a traditional way to digest the heavy meal and eases constipation.

10. Reduces gastric pain – Betel leaf balances the pH in the digestive system and reduces gastric pain. Betel leaf is highly capable of restoring the normal PH levels of stomach by flushing out all the toxins.

11. Appetite booster – Betel leaf helps in bringing back appetite.

12. Relief from the back pain: A hot poultice of betel leaves or its juice mixed with coconut oil or castor oil applied on the loins gives good relief. Massaging the lower back with betel leaf oil and a carrier oil helps to ease the pain.

13. It is diuretic -For water retention in the body crush a betel leaf and extract its juice, mix it with little-diluted milk and drink it.

14. Women hygiene – It reduces the itching and suffering of private parts of women. The betel leaves are boiled and are used as a genital wash. It prevents the unpleasant smell of perspiration and menstruation.

15. Body odor prevention – Add juice of betel leaf or oil in your bath water to remain fresh for longer day. You can also drink a concoction made of few betel leaves soaked in boiled water. Add little sugar for better taste.

Remember – Do not consume Betel leaf if you have bleeding, nausea or deep wounds. Do not make a habit of consuming Betel leaf and Betel nut – it can damage the liver. Do not consume Betel leaf if you are pregnant as it may harm the baby. 


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Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: December 28, 2018

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