Teach kids to wear Face masks

Tips to teach children to wear face mask

Face masks act as barrier and prevent spreading of Covid-19. It prevents respiratory droplet releasing into air and infecting others who are around us. It is good idea for everyone including kids and adults to wear facial mask to stop spreading the pandemic.

Unlike adults’ kids may find it difficult to wear face masks. For most kids it seems to be nuisance wearing mask and they don’t like to wear it. Children under the age two should not wear mask. It is considered as choking hazard and can cause strangulation in little ones. But children who are above two and go to school and appear in public must wear mask.

If your child is refusing to wear face mask, then talk to other parents to understand how they are convincing their child to wear one.  The way you make hand washing is fun for child, teach them importance of wearing mask and how it helps to protect from germs attack.

Here are few suggestions to make your child wear face mask

Encourage to wear face mask in public – Persistent messaging and normalizing mask wearing will make it a habit for child to wear the mask. Tell to keep 6 feet away from people.

Explain why wearing face mask important – Use simple language to explain why they must be wearing face mask

Get face mask with designs that suits child – Most children are fascinated by the cartoon characters, animal prints, floral prints and colorful designs. You will find such masks in the market. Ask child which one he prefers and get more than one mask with different designs.

Tell how awesome he looks – After making him wear face mask, take a picture and show how handsome he looks in face mask.

Admire child’s efforts – When child wear masks, admire and tell him how he is helping community and other people in their efforts to stop spread of pandemic.

Get masks that has ear loop that does not hurt – Cheap masks can have elastic loops that can hurt child and child will find uncomfortable to wear such mask. Get good quality masks that does not hurt child. Expert suggest that get mask with adjustable ear loops or the masks that ties behind head to get good fit.

Practice at home– While child is at home with child practice wearing mask. This will gain child’s attention and sends a message why he should be wearing mask. Teach child to avoid touching mask often, tell them to keep it over mouth and nose.

Play at home with toys – Take extra masks and put it on stuffed animals and other toys. Have child play and let him explain to toys why wearing mask is important.

Go to public place – Visit public place where people wear masks like grocery store, kids play area etc. When they see people wearing masks, they will understand importance of wearing it in public place.

When with friends – Instruct child not to exchange the masks with other friends and how germs can transfer.  Label mask with child’s name on it.

Provide extra pair of masks when attending school or visiting friends – Keep extra mask in child’s pocket or in bag. So that in case masks get dirty by falling on floor, sneezing or coughing or child loses mask, he will have another one handy.

Washing masks – Children always have favorite item and might be same feeling with a mask and want to wear it every day.  Tell child why we should be washing cloth mask. Use gentle, fragrance free laundry detergent and warm water to wash child’s masks.

Image credit: Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: February 19, 2021

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