Kids can make difference

How kids can make a difference in the world

Enthusiastic and curious kids often ask what can they do to make a difference in the world.

World needs both kindness and love to spread which brings positive change in others life and in a society, we live in.

Here is list of things that bring change in the world and that makes a difference in a good way.

Reduce hunger: Talk about hunger. Understand about kids hunger and malnutrition. Learn and teach about impact of hunger to your family and friends. Participate in workshops and volunteer in organization that helps those people who are hungry. Organize canned food drive, non-perishable food drive to donate to local homeless shelter.

Send cards: Send thank you cards to soldiers who are spending their lives in protecting us. Write letters to veterans and appreciate their efforts to keep all safe.

Write letters with a purpose: Send alert letters to government officials, newspaper editors, business leaders, TV program anchors and directors about the root cause of a problem that society is facing today. Bring to their attention about the problems that kids are facing or if your community really is suffering from lack of attention from government negligence – write a polite letter.

Give ideas and suggestions: How to improve and make someone’s life for better – homelessness, hunger and the elderly, kids, unemployment, unequal education, bullying, environment care, discrimination, media’s role in education – share your ideas with concerned people.

Giving testimony: Youngsters have advantages over adults in testifying before legislative bodies in two ways –  children stand out in the usual crowd and everybody knows that children don’t have vested interest in passing a law for their own benefit. Giving testimony and helping to shape legislation is empowering and gives exciting experience to young people. It helps children to get involved in activism and community service.

Community garden: To help feed those homeless and hungry kids, participate in community garden and help to grow food. Ask your school to participate in such program. Bring it to your teacher’s attention and ask their help to do the great work which gives recognition to school.

Fund raising for a cause: Bake sale, Lemonade stand, second hand book selling, selling old clothes, CDs, handmade craft etc. are few suggestions. There are more ideas one can think about raising funds for a cause. For example, keep charge for some activities like- organizing costume ball, walkathon, student-faculty play off, raffle baskets, talents show like -dance competition, singing competition, karaoke, one a minute games, art shows – all these helps to raise fund for a cause.

Help young kids: Form a group with like minded kids who are willing to help young children to study, teach sports, create an anti-bullying squad to help kids who suffer from bullying.

Fasting: Give up on junk food by fasting on junk foods at least once or two days in a week. Instead donate the money for a cause. Create awareness with friends and school and let them know where the money should go. Keep fund raising boxes in school and let children drop their changes in the fund boxes. Show the proof of fund submission to proper organization, to keep children inspired.

Birthday donations: Ask your parents and family to make a donation to the organization that you love. Let them know that instead of big gifts they can participate in making a difference in someone’s life by donating to a charity organization for a cause.

These are only few examples. Ask you kids what else they can do. Help them to make list and let them pick what attracts them to make a difference in the world we live in.

Image credit: ( Photo by ArtHouse Studio from Pexels )

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 29, 2021

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