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Tips to stop Bad breath -Halitosis

Have you ever thought – why there is bad breath in the early morning? During the day time, sufficient amount of oxygen naturally goes inside our mouth and keeps the mouth somewhat fresh. Eating, drinking, talking, breathing exercise and other reasons are helps oxygen to get into mouth. Night time the very little amount of oxygen enters mouth and this results in overnight bacterial growth and hence the bad breath in the early morning hours.  Brushing and cleaning mouth helps to get rid of that bad odor!

However, some people have bad breath problem continuously. This is because of various reasons and habits.

What are these reasons and how one can reduce bad breath problem let us see:

  1. Eating onion, garlic, meat, fish, egg, drinking and not cleaning the mouth: The list of breath-offending foods is long, and what you eat affects the air you exhale!
  2. Smoking: Smoking stains your teeth, gives you bad breath and puts you at risk for a host of health problems. Tobacco reduces your ability to taste foods and irritates gum tissues. Tobacco users are more likely to suffer from gum disease. Since smoking also affects your sense of smell, smokers may not be aware of how their breath smells.
  3. Overweight and obesity problems: According to Tel Aviv University researchers there is a direct link between obesity and bad breath: the more overweight you are, the more likely your breath will smell unpleasant to those around you. This is because organisms that live in the gut of obese people may give off a certain, distinctive gas, causing bad breath in the mouths of overweight individuals.
  4. Indigestion problems: As reported in Science Daily, the bacteria known as Helicobacter pylori causes a common ulcer in the stomach, can cause bad breath in the mouth. Another cause of bad breath from the stomach is gastro- esophageal reflux disease. This condition is caused by acid coming back up the esophagus, causing a burning sensation in the chest or throat and leads to bad breath.
  5. Not taking care of tongue: White stuff that you see on your tongue happens as a result of overgrown and swollen papillae on the tongue’s surface. Bacteria and dead cells that lodge between the papillae cause the white coating. Numerous causes encourage white tongue, including alcohol and tobacco use, fever, dry mouth and mouth breathing, dehydration and poor oral care. All these conditions results in bad breath. It is important to clean the tongue when you brush your teeth every day.
  6. Negligence of dental hygiene: Food particles that sit in between teeth will be food for microorganisms. Bacteria thrives in this kind of environment, causing issues like bad breath.
  7. Artificial dental implantation: Artificial implantation results in bad breath sometimes. It is mostly caused by the shape of the crown that traps food either under it or around the gum. Assuming the implant placement was placed in the right location and size, one need to change the crown that has no concave shape, and it should have broad contact with adjacent teeth avoiding food trap. To keep gum healthy around implanted teeth, hydro floss or water pick with peridex or Listerine.
  8. Infections – sinus, tonsils, acidity , tonsils, diabetes, boils in mouth
  9. Respiratory tract infection: Bronchitis or even a cold might be the cause of that bad smell. Respiratory tract infections cause bad breath thanks to nasal or sinus secretions passing into the throat and mouth. Bronchitis, pneumonia, sinus infections and postnasal drip can all lead to bad breath.
  10. Gum diseases: Bad breath that just will not go away or a constant bad taste in your mouth can be a warning sign of advanced gum disease, which is caused by sticky, cavity-causing bacteria called plaque.

How to keep bad breath away?

To know whether you have bad breath, hold your hand in front of mouth- open your mouth and breathe out- Do you smell a bad odor? If your answer is yes, then it is about time that you do something about it.

  • Brush and floss: Brush twice a day and clean between your teeth daily with floss to get rid of bacteria.
  • Take Care of your tongue: Clean tongue using proper tongue cleaner or a mild brush.
  • Use Mouthwash: Use over the counter mouthwash and rinse mouth two times a day.
  • Clean Dentures: Removable dentures should be taken out during night and clean thoroughly before putting them back in mouth cavity.
  • Keep That Saliva Flowing: Saliva helps in chewing and digestion. Chewing sugar-free gum or sugar free candies helps in creating saliva. Saliva keeps mouth wet and takes out the bad breath.
  • Quit smoking: Stop smoking as it is injurious to major organs of the body. It will not only give you better breath, you’ll have a better quality of life.
  • Dental checkup and clean: Make it a habit to visit dentist every six months and monitor your oral hygiene. Follow the instructions and take proper precautions. Regular checkups allow your dentist to detect any problems such as gum disease or dry mouth and stop them before they become more serious.
  • Cure Constipation: Regular bowl movements are a must for curing bad breath. Take foods high in fiber and exercise regularly to prevent constipation.
  • Less sugar intake: Avoid eating candies, cookies and other sweet treats containing sugar. You can use brown sugar instead.
  • Natural stuffs: Chew cardamom, clove, drink fenugreek tea, eat less sugar, drink mint tea – all these help to get rid of bad breath.

After you tried on your own, if the problem persists then it is time to see a doctor. Do not neglect your oral health and hygiene. If bad breath is present, check for cavities or gum disease, the treatment of which often succeeds in eradicating bad breath. Bad breath can leave a person alone as people hesitate to discuss and will avoid any conversation. If your friends, family members or acquaintances are suffering from bad breath, inform them or ask them about their health and direct them to a doctor.

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Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: January 5, 2017

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