Reasons for energy loss and tips to boost energy

Reasons for energy loss and tips to boost energy

If your body is feeling exhausted, fatigue and no or low energy all the time or more often can be warning signs for diabetes, heart problems.

People often take energy drinks to fix the energy problem in their body.

Contents in energy drink can cause side effects or long-term damage to body. Caffeine is one such factor that is present in energy drinks.

Long-term use of high caffeine from energy drinks can damage nervous system.

Reasons for fatigue:

  1. Overtraining your body: Too much or too many hours of workout routine has negative impact on body. Inflammation can lead to tiredness, muscle and cells breakdown leading to exhaustion.
  2. Allergies can be a problem: Seasonal allergies can take a toll on energy. Congestion and cold interferes with breathing and sleep.
  3. Gluten intolerance: Due to gluten intolerance, small intestine become inflamed. This will interfere in absorption of nutrients to bloodstream and leads to malnutrition and fatigue.
  4. Anemia leads to low energy: When there is not enough red blood cells then, there is low iron in the body. Lack of oxygen carrier leads to tiredness and fatigue. It is nothing but iron deficiency symptom.
  5. Insulin resistant: When sugar is not obtained by body cells, energy runs low in the body. High insulin creates inflammation and causes problem in healing and affect energy levels.
  6. Thyroid problem: When thyroid level is low, it affects energy level. It affects blood pressure, bowel movements and energy level.
  7. Mental health: Depression leads to fatigue and lack of enthusiasm. Energy levels are disturbed when serotonin and dopamine- the two neurotransmitters are in imbalance. It also affects the ability to sleep.
  8. Anxiety: Worries are never ending and all the worries could be zapping the energy. Anxiety makes a person feel tired all the time and affects hormone levels, variability in heart beat and blood pressure fluctuations.
  9. Not moving around: Sitting in one place, being mentally lazy and not doing any work – these are also cause for lack of energy.

Clean energy that we get from within the cells and tissues is more important for the body.  Here are simple but effective tips that one should consider recovering from fatigue.

  1. Sleep at least eight hours a night. If can, then sleep half an hour in the afternoon or day time.
  2. Give ample calories to body from quality lean protein and carbohydrates. Consider eating yogurt, cereals, lentils, whole wheat rotis, chapatis or bread. Don’t forget fruits – oranges and banana helps to recover the body.
  3. Understand what is the reason for your allergy. Indoor allergies should be fixed with proper methods. Outdoor allergies can be reduced by over the counter medicine. Limit your outdoor activities during high pollen count days. For cough and congestion try good natural home remedies.
  4. If you know you are gluten intolerant, then avoid foods that contains gluten. Read labels or go to market section where gluten free products are stocked.
  5. If you have anemia then talk to your doctor and get recommendation for supplements and food. Eat cooked beans, iron fortified cereals, baked potatoes, green vegetables. Vitamin B12 and iron supplements helps to recover the strength and brings back iron to normalcy.
  6. Gat a fasting glucose test during your yearly physical examination. If it is higher than usual that could be a sign that insulin resistance issue is in the body. Make amendment in your life style and adopt healthy eating, healthier food choices.
  7. Get thyroid test done once a year or so. Daily medication helps to recover from thyroid problems and thyroid gland functions normally. Performing yoga poses that supports thyroid function helps too.
  8. Talk to your doctor about the way you feel inside and your mental status. An antidepressant can help but it should be decided by your doctor. However, getting involved in activities, talking to friends and loved ones, spending time in community services can help you to recover from depression. Don’t wait for too long, talk to your doctor today to solve the issue.
  9. Anxiety disorder should be addressed. Talk to your doctor and explain reasons for your anxiety. He or she may suggest pills or alternatives to recover your energy level.
  10. Move your body: Don’t’ sit for longer hours. Move around, be on your feet, take a stroll. Walking helps to get back energy.
  11. Home remedies: If your fatigue is not for above reasons then, try few home remedies.
  • Apply peppermint oil on cotton ball and inhale deeply.
  • Add couple of drops of rosemary essential oil to bathing water and soak your body.
  • Lie on your back on the bed and using pillows prop your feet at higher level than head. This encourages blood flow to brain.
  • Listen to your body and take ample of rest.
  • Reduce alcohol intake and replace it with green tea
  • Following food will also help: Walnuts, watermelon, spinach, pumpkin seeds, bananas, pomegranate, orange.

Find the reasons for your fatigue and before other health symptoms set in to disrupt your life, act on it. Contact your doctor and seek suggestions.

image credit: Photo by Stacey Gabrielle Koenitz Rozells on Unsplash

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: January 16, 2018

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