Safety tips for college students

Health & Safety tips for college students

While going to college is exciting, young adults also must face lot of challenges both inside and outside the classroom. It is important to experience the college life and same time it is also important to stay healthy and safe while studying.
Students need to be healthy to shape up their future life. It is not just physical health they should be looking into, it is also mental health. Here are few Health & Safety tips for college students .

Choose your plate: Avoid high calories foods, junk food, saturated fat and reduce both sugar and salt intake. Follow specific eating pattern with varieties of fruits and vegetables. Include protein in your food. If you are vegan plan for meat substitutes to get enough protein.
Stay active: Daily spend minimum 30 mins in various physical activity. Regular physical activity reduces risk of developing heart conditions as you grow. And, it also helps to fight cancer, diabetes types of conditions. Join group activities to keep yourself alert.
Stay safe: To maintain mental balance and to reduce stress get enough – 7 to 8 hours sleep. Avoid drugs, alcohol and too much of smartphone usage. Practice yoga and have a body that is flexible. Yoga helps you to develop confidence, reduces stress, depression, anxiety and any negative thoughts.
Prevent sexual assault before even it starts. Sexual assault is becoming a huge problem in college campuses and communities. Sexual violence means forcing sexual activity when consent is not obtained by a person.
Do you know – more than 37% female rape victims are first raped between age 18 and 24? Know your rights and seek help immediately if you or someone is a victim of sexual violence. There will be help line or counsellor must be available to talk such serious issues at your college campus.
Prevent sexually transmitted infections: In case you in sexual contact, get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Prevent such infections by taking proper precautions. Get tested for both STDs and HIV to know and protect oneself.
Stop substance abuse: Avoid and stop binge drinking. Limit alcohol intake. Binge drinking will drive a person to risky sexual behavior, unintended pregnancy, STD, accidents, violence, alcohol poisoning.
Do not smoke :Smoking is not fun and it can only harm every organ of the body. It reduces brain cell activity and harms various organs – can lead to infertility, lung conditions, heart problem, oral cancer etc.
Stop illicit drugs: Avoid and stop illicit drug use. Your life is more precious than taking drugs. It may start as fun, once you addicted to drugs, then giving up on it is very difficult. It can cause various conditions and ruin your relationships as well as studies.
Contact campus police, security or community police if your or someone else safety is under threat. Visit to college health center is a good idea. This will help you to keep good health.
Talk to someone you trust for support.
Visit your college health center or local clinic or hospital.
Contact the campus or community police if your or someone else’s safety is threatened.

Image credit: Photo by Ben Duchac on Unsplash

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 27, 2018

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