Don't Eat Phone For Dinner

Effect of smartphone use during family dinner time

Studies show that parents and children use of smart phones during dinner time reduces the bond within family. This is so true with mother and children. The research team found that when mothers used their cell phones at the dinner table, they had 20 percent fewer verbal and 39 percent fewer nonverbal interactions with their kids. Non verbal interactions included head nods, smiles, eye contact, and hand gestures that indicate active listening. In most families dinner time is the bonding time and parents has to discuss about children activities and the issues they might have or get know about children achievements. However, focusing on emails, social media, news reading during dinner is taking away these moments of bonding. Parents should make a concerted effort to be ‘device-free’ during family dinners. Seeing her children’s response a mother – Sharon Standifird learned how to build a mobile app, and crafted Ignore No More, an app that prevents children from using their phones except to call their family members or emergency once enabled by a concerned parent. Keep away your phone and ask your children to do so. If they do not listen, then change wi-fi passwords often. This will bring them to table, leaving phone behind. You be a role model to your children. Talk to them about value of family and relationships.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: September 14, 2016

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