Why teenagers need yoga?

Why teenagers need yoga?

We know yoga provides many benefits for both body and mind. Yoga is a practice for both body and mind and helps body get into shape, gives flexibility and improves mind’s ability to focus by giving clarity. Yogis everywhere are devoted to yoga in daily life to reap both spiritual and physical award.

Yoga helps to overcome stress in all!

Many schools – elementary, middle and high schools adopted yoga to improve children’s performance.

Study shows that high school students who are practicing yoga are happy, tension free, depression free and can be handling anxiety well. These children are also reported to have fewer negative emotions and showing improvement in studies. More teenagers are practicing yoga with parents, friends and teachers.

If you are a parent, encourage your child to practice yoga. Understanding the benefits of practicing yoga might help parents to convince children to hit the mat.

Reasons for why teenagers need yoga –

  1. Education: Teenagers are always surrounded by drama and tension. Distraction around them can bring their grade down and disturb their studies. Yoga practice helps increases concentration, reduces ADHD and helps them to focus on the moment. It gives sense of balance and helps to achieve their goal.
  2. Physical: Those teens who are athletes can gain flexibility by practicing yoga. It also builds strength, tones muscle, increases balance and helps in coordination. It also reduces obesity, gives stability to core and reduces body stress.
  3. Emotional: Teen life can be stressful. Peer pressure, career goal, homework, pressure of performance can cause stress and bring them down emotionally. Yoga helps to bring positive thoughts, positive energy in their mind. Too much stress can bring suicidal thoughts, depression – in fact these are two serious conditions that are attacking teenagers. Body image is another struggle of young minds. By practicing yoga, they will be able to understand feeling and what is worth in life. Yoga can be a guide to bring happiness, sense of accomplishment,  confidence, self-love, self-acceptance and peace in teenagers’ life.
  4. Social: Yoga helps to connect people with world. Yoga helps children to connect to the world. Teens who practice yoga will start accepting other individual and learn social skills. Yoga prepares them to face the world, to be non-judgmental and to be compassionate.
  5. Discipline and self-regulation: Another benefit of practicing yoga, yoga teaches how to be mindful and reduces impatience. It also brings discipline and teaches to be organized, less messy in day to day life.
  6. Helps to be creative: Practicing yoga increases imagination of mind, mind becomes flexible just like body. This develops confidence and brings out inner talent. Teen becomes creative and focused too!

If you have teenager at home, introduce them to yoga today. If you are a teacher, teach them how yoga can bring benefits in teens life.

Image courtesy: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: May 23, 2023

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