Eat Right Movement

Eat Right Movement

After Fit India movement initiation, Government of India has taken another positive step to keep Indian citizen healthier by launching Eat Right Movement.

Eat Right Movement launched by FSSAI on July 10th 2018, to promote safe and healthy food for citizens of India. With this FSSAI launched Eat Right tool kit and safe and Nutritious Food at Workplace campaign.

Eat Right Movement is voluntary and collaborative movement built on two broad pillars “Eat Healthy” and “Eat Safe”.  This is to encourage people towards making right dietary and food choices. The focus is on both demand and supply side of food.  While demand for food focuses on empowering public to make right food choices and supply side it requests food makers and businesses to reformulate their products for better health of citizens. Reformulation of products to provide better nutritional information to consumers as well as to make investments in healthy food product business.

Reduce salt, sugar and saturated fat in packed food products – Asked FSSAI to Food industry.

Under Eat Right Movement FSSAI is asking all food industries to voluntarily reduce 3 S’s : Sugar, salt and saturated fats in packaged food products. This includes – bakeries, oil industries, halwais, FMCG companies like Nestle India, Patanjali, HUL. Many of these companies including Patanjali of India have taken pledge to reduce 3 S’s in their food products.

What is Eat Right tool kit?

FSSAI launched a tool kit to Eat right, safe and nutritious food at workplace campaign. The tool kit has components on eating safe – how to maintain hygiene, sanitation and food adulteration. In addition, it gives message on to avoid high fat, salt and sugary foods.

Eat Right Movement aims to cut down salt/sugar/ saturated fat consumption by 30% in three years. FSSAI has issued a new set of progressive draft regarding Food Safety Standards on making it mandatory for sugar and added sugar to mentioned specifically on all product nutrition labels.

With such a huge population, setting a campaign “Eat Right” is not easy for India. All the regulatory mechanisms that are implemented should remain strong and any malpractice should be taken care. As an initiative and to ensure public will get safe food, Government for the first time will serve cover food at Indian Railways and in Holy places.  And as for as the citizens of India concerned- it is the duty of every citizen to spread knowledge and keep informed about healthy food and its healthy impact on lifestyle.


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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 3, 2018

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