FSSAI Traffic light labeling measure for packaged food & drinks

FSSAI Traffic light labeling measure for packaged food & drinks

In continuing efforts to keep citizens safe, FSSAI Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is coming  with traffic light food labeling a measure for both drinks and foods.

Food safety, quality and nutritional status of food – concerning about these three key factors a draft regulation proposal states that the packaged food manufacturers and firms are required to declare few key nutritional factors in package. This includes information such as energy in terms of calories, total fat, trans-fat, total sugar and salt per serving as well as per serve percentage contribution to the recommended dietary allowance or RDA.

What will be on  traffic light food label? 

“Color-coded nutritional information tells at a glance if the food has high, medium or low amounts of fat, saturated fat, sugars and salt. For example, red means high, amber means medium, green means low”.

The packaged food will be categorized for example in red indicating higher level of fat, sugar and salt content. From time to time FSSAI might come up with color coding system for different ingredients.

GM labeling will be made compulsory to declare genetically modified ingredients in the package with introduction of draft regulation in accord with FSS (food safety standards). All those products that have 5 per cent and more of GM ingredients should be labeled. Total GM ingredients shall be on top three ingredients in terms of the percentage.

Along with this FSSAI also proposed traffic light labeling system for the foods sold in vending machines and school canteens to reduce and curb the consumption of junk foods, processed foods, confectionery and sugary drinks for children.

This proposal will restrict sale of HFSS – high fat, salt and sugar containing foods such as deep fried, sugary drinks, processed foods and confectionary in or within 50 meter of school premises.

About this draft notification of labeling and display 2018, FSSAI is seeking views, comments and suggestions from food industry and stakeholders.


  • http://www.fssai.gov.in/home

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: April 30, 2018

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