Handling Troubled Relationships

Why Walk Away From A Relationship?

All of us face this issue of coping up with situations and compromising with life.  In order to keep the peace in our life as well as in the life of the other person, sometimes we need to take a tough decision of walking away from a troubled relationship. It is difficult to breakup relationship because we are not made of stones or we do not want to hurt anybody’s feelings.  However, if the relationship is turning out to be very sour and one cannot manage to keep up with another person for various reasons it is better to walk away. Sometimes we forgive people to keep peace of mind.  If you feel that, you tried hard to keep up the relationship and it did not work out then talk to the person before coming to a decision.

Some of the circumstances and situations where we have to give a second thought about keeping up a relationship are the reasons many of us experience in our lives. Sometimes it is simply unhealthy to oneself to continue taking part in a cancerous relationship.

1. Constant arguments and fights: Arguments and fights that happen because of small reasons can be reconcilable. If a person constantly picks up the fight with negative comments and anger for every single reason then, the relationship leads nowhere and it will be filled with negativity. The person who is at receiving end has to spend time in proving and defending oneself and constantly has to be under radar. If this becomes routine and intense and, if the life path is unclear with sadness then it is time to think what to do in your life. When the bad outweighs the good, when the mental stress is constant, the arguments habitual and the weight of the burden, being carried is too heavy — it may be time to walk away.

2. Being Judgmental: Some relationships suffer because of constant judgment of one person. Some people have the habit of judging and concluding about anything and pass harsh comments all the time. If a person is, constantly criticizing and passing comments even after knowing the reason of a partner or a friend for not being able to handle something then it is time to think what actions one should take. Because this not only results in troubled relationship but also will have negative impact on the growth of the person who is at receiving end. Being judgmental all the time is not good. People who are judgmental often do it knowingly as they may be jealous or expect perfection from the partner.

3. Abusive: Mental or physical torture or abuse is another strong reason to walk away from the relationship. Again, when the bad outweighs the good, when the mental and physical stress is constant, and the weight of the burden being carried is too heavy — it may be time to walk away.

4. Convenience and desire: The relationships happen sometimes because of the convenience. This type of relationship will not lost longer. If there is no desire to live with a partner and relationship is materialistic, then it is time to think what is best for both of you. Similarly, any relationship in which you realize one or both of you is looking to the long-term when your desired lifestyles and plans are inherently different.

5. Anxiety: When being in someone’s presence raises anxiety level through the roof, but you spend time with them anyway because you feel obligated – it is time to start thinking what is best for you. Anxiety is not good for you and may result in severe health issues

6. You are optional: When someone is treating you like an option in their life and not giving any preference, then move away. Your constant touch with them or your presence does not make any difference to them then walk away. There is no reason to be around with the person.

7. Idea of being in love: When you’re more in love with the idea of being in love than with an individual then it is not fair to give wrong impression to another person. Do not spoil life of two individuals – it is better to move away.

8. When someone is taking control of your life: If you feel that someone is making all decision and taking control of every move of yours – time to wake up and make a decision. Life is yours and why to handover the remote to someone else. If you feel that your self – respect and self worth is suffering in the hands of another person then take a decision.

9. False promises and lies: No relationship will survive on meaningless and false promises that cannot be kept. Similarly lies cannot be basis for relationship. It may be with family members, siblings, friends or life partners. If you cannot keep up promises then don’t promise. Being honest is key in a relationship. If you find out that these two are not in your relationship – well, think changing the person or take a decision.

Ref: www.werindia.com

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Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: February 10, 2017

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