Winter Influence

Learning survival strategy from winter

One of the beauties of plant in nature is, plants take advantage of each season. During fall and winter, they shed their leaves completely by exposing their parts and they grow underneath. During spring and summer seasons we see plants grow, flowers bloom and seeds set. Most of us look forward for spring and summer. Nevertheless, during winter all the preparation starts – we should not forget this truth.

“Hibernation is a survival strategy designed to conserve energy when conditions are harsh”.

Like plants, we also go through various types of seasons in our lives. We have our own seasons!.  Having a full -time job and growing economy-are like spring and summer seasons where we find opportunities everywhere. We tap into various opportunities and would like to grow in career and make a better life.  There is nothing wrong in this.  If the economy is taking a recession then it is like winter and we will be cautious about our needs and spending as the world around exhibit lesser activity. In other words, when there is flow of surplus money we rush to buy things – more clothes, shoes, changing cars, buying houses etc. We expand our social circle and try to fit into or lead someone else life. In the process, we forget what reality is and to ground ourselves. We tend to ignore the fact that we may also face harsh situations (winter) in our lives.  It is important to be prepared for all seasons of life while living (grounded) in the present.

What we can learn from winter is, during winter, plants are active -yes, they work silently underneath the ground. Plants roots grow beneath the earth in winter.  While being dormant above the ground they (plants) get ready for the next season.  In our lives when there is no flow of enough money, we should not give up hopes. We should start seeking growth opportunities throughout dormant period. Remember: many blessings and opportunities are available when we are going through tough period of our lives.  We can catch up with other aspects that we gave a miss – studies, spiritual life, deepening relationship with family, friends, creative hobbies, healthy discussion, developing network, learning new skills and focusing on home. This is the time where one can envision, research and plan for a more meaningful upcoming opportunity in the life like business, work or savings etc.

Similarly, one can find falls, winters, summers in the personal relationship too.  A relationship that unfortunately ends in a breakup is like a fall followed by a winter. Don’t worry too much about it. Winter means silence, it means patience and the outcome of winter is glorious. When you are in a winter season of your life, go inward, seek your presence, and understand what your choices are and what you want to do in your life. Feed your mind and soul with positive thoughts that will energize you to face the world and you may find a partner with whom you want to spend your time. Feed your soul and be prepared to enter a new life again. Winter is a time of stillness, of contemplation. It is a time we reconnect to our source and prepare our soil for glorious spring. Hibernation means not antisocial, you are getting ready to lead a social life. When the summer arrives in your life, go out, make new friendship and look at the life in a new perspective. Our lives are mirrors of these seasons of nature and they teach us how to live a fully-fledged life.

Summer: A season for rewards, celebration and fulfillment.

Autumn: A season for survival, mistakes and problems.

Winter: A season for reflection, hibernation and planning.

Spring: A season for learning, opportunity and dynamic thinking.


Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: February 3, 2017

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