Yoga Improves Flexibility of Blood Vessels

Yoga Improves Flexibility Of Blood Vessels

Yoga can indeed have a beneficial effect on the flexibility of blood vessels, a factor important for cardiovascular health. This influence is primarily through mechanisms involving stress reduction, improved blood flow, and the enhancement of overall cardiovascular function.

The following reasons helps you understand how yoga contribute to increased vascular flexibility and reasons why we should incorporate yoga in our daily regime.

Reduction of Stress and Inflammation

Reduction of Stress and Inflammation:

Enhanced blood flow

Enhanced blood flow

Management of blood pressure

Management of blood pressure:

Direct impact on blood vessels

Direct impact on blood vessels

Image credit : Heart:  CC0 Public DomainFree for personal and commercial use 01/14/2017 & Yoga pose: CC0 Public DomainFree for personal and commercial use  03/07/2017

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: May 3, 2024

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