child nail care

Teach children how to take care of nails

Children have a habit of biting nails and it is a habit which we see in most children.

This is unhealthy habit and can lead to stomach infection, wound in nails, stomach ache etc.

Teaching child why and how to keep nail clean and healthy is important.

Nail care tips are here to teach:

Short nails stay cleaner:

If your child cannot handle nail cutter/ nail clipper, an adult should help child to trim the nails and this avoids any injury. After age 9 or 10, teach them how to handle nail cutter. Teach them how to trim nails. For babies, trim nails using special scissors.

  • Trim nails after bath or shower. Nails are softer after a bath.
  • Don’t use regular scissor to trim nails
  • Cut fingernails almost straight across. To keep nails strong, round a little at the corner. This will not damage nails.
  • To avoid ingrown nail of toenails, cut toenails straight across
  • Use a nail file to smooth edges. If not, skin can get scratches or nail may entangle threads causing wounds. Pull the file across in same direction, avoid going back and forth.
  • Don’t touch cuticle or push back cuticle as cuticle protect nail root.
  1. After washing hands, dry the hands well. Use sanitizer if water is not available after using toilet.
  2. Use lotion and rub on fingernails to keep them moisturized. If not, dry nail will split easily. After washing hands in the morning and night apply the moisturizer.
  3. If the nail is hanging, trim it as soon as possible. It can cause infection. Don’t bite the nails.
  4. Get to know about the nail polish remover brand (without acetone) that you use and limit its use twice a month. Nail polish harms cuticle and dries the nail fast.
  5. Foods: Eat protein, calcium and Vitamin B7 rich foods – walnuts, almonds, lentils, dairy products helps to get stronger and healthy nails.
  6. Toenails: Toenails care is as important as fingernails. Children most time play in the ground and meet soil or mud. If the toenail is hanging and if the trip it can cause serious injuries.
  • Cramped toes can lead to painful ingrown toenails. When buying shoes make sure toes have space to wiggle. Confirm with your child about the comfortability of shoes.
  • Teach child to wear fresh socks almost every day. Socks can harbor lot of bacteria and fungus that can cause nail infection.
  • If summer, tell them to wear flip-flop when going outside in public places or stepping ourside house. It is better to wear shoes/flip flops when visiting beaches, pools, locker rooms, public toilets etc.

More importantly, parents should be a role model for kids. Make sure you also trim your nails and show them how it feels good, comfortable and clean when we keep nails clean. It is a healthy and critical habit. Check nails of your children for dark streak, infection, yellow nails etc. If you find any of these symptoms contact your doctor.


Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: November 1, 2017

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