Short Term Diet and No Weight Loss

Short Term Diet and No Weight Loss

If you are aiming for a sudden weight loss by eating healthy and going on a diet – you still may not able to reach your goal. If you are looking at short-term solutions to reduce weight – this will not work too. Once you stop dieting you will gain back weight – it may increase more. Reason for this is quick starvation diets can wreak metabolism by damaging the long term weight loss. It is like cheating your body and  once body realizes that you are cheating – it will come back to same weight. It is as simple as that.

What you can do? Have patience to reduce weight. Stop looking at short-term solution.  Look for healthy habits when it comes to diet. Let the weight loss be gradual – slow and steady. If you start losing 2 pounds a week, steadily it is better and you will find it easy on your body.  Have confidence and eat healthy, limit your portion, include more vegetables and fruits in your diet and exercise. Let your body know that you are really would like to take care and make it understand – it will listen to you! Enjoy good and healthy meal while losing weight.

Tried fad diets? All those commercials and fad diets – eating cabbage salad, drinking grapefruit juice, consuming apple cider vinegar – these miracle diets you tried and it did not work? – It means your body is not understanding what you are trying to do. And, it might be damaging your metabolism.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 8, 2016

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