Why you don't want to eat turnip?

What is the reason for not eating turnip?

During our visit to vegetable market, we tend to ignore a root vegetable and that is nothing but turnip.

Turnips are one of the oldest root vegetable on earth.

Turnips are source of Vitamin A, K and folate. They also contain Vitamin C.

It is a wonderful vegetable, still people hate it for following reasons.

  • It is hard to get to the bitter taste.
  • It contains a compound namely cyanoglucoside that gives a strong odor to it and some people are sensitive to this chemical.
  • They don’t get crisp and becomes tender and gives odd odor
  • Turnips are not like carrots or potato. There is nothing sweet in it!
  • Texture of turnips is not appealing to eat.

How to include turnip in your diet?

Try simple recipes and mix with other vegetables. Mash it (like puree) with carrot, potato and add salt. Prepare mashed 3 vegetable simple dish with butter and cream. This is one way to eat it. There are many such recipes available on internet and people who used to hate turnip now include it in their diet!

Image credit: https://www.deercreekseed.com/ (seed service company)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 18, 2017

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