Next Super Foods that we can count on

The next super foods that we can count on

Nature has given us many healthy options and we need to make use of them in a proper manner. We have a choice to eat healthy or unhealthy food. Researchers and food manufacturers are trying to find out healthy and super foods that can satisfy our needs in various ways.

For example, coconut water and other plant waters are taking aisle in food markets replacing energy and soft drinks.

A simple algae is replacing artificial colors in our foods. There is a gigantic fruit in a tree, that can feed several hungry stomach at a time.

Traditional teas are finding place as better probiotics. A tree that has tremendous health benefits is gaining importance due to its health benefits. And, mushrooms are helping in reducing sugar level in foods!

Read more to understand what these super foods can do.

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Spirulina As Coloring Agent

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Indian Jackfruit


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Coconut And Plant Waters

Moringa Oleifera – A Magical Tree: Click here to know more

Magical Tree


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Mushroom To Take Away Bitterness


Kombucha Miracle Tea: Click here to know more

Kombucha Tea



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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: January 18, 2017

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