Exotic Fruit World – Do You Know These Fruits ?

We are familiar with the fruits that we see every day. Our familiarity with fruits depends on the  places where we were born and grew up. Every step we have taken to introduce the fruits to ourselves and to our family makes it worth in terms of health. Fruits provide vital elements that are required by our body. Fruits are rich with vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and other good stuffs. People who eat good amount of fruits and vegetables are known to have less chronic conditions.

There are thousands of fruits available throughout the world that is edible.  Some fruits look strange, but interesting. Here is a glance of some fruits from different part of the world that are interesting and packed with abundant nutrients that are helpful to humankind.

Durian – Click here to Read 

Durian - Click here to Read

Mangosteen – Click here to Read 

Mangosteen - Click here to Read

Puhala – Click here to Read 

Puhala - Click here to Read

 Sugar plam – Click here to Read 

Sugar Palm - Click here to Read

Marang – Click here to Read 

Marang - Click here to Read

 Spanish Lime – Click here to Read 

Spanish Lime - Click here to Read

Seaberry – Click here to Read 

SeaBerry - Click here to Read

Carissa –  Click here to Read 

Carissa - Click here to Read

Lulo Fruit – Click here to Read

Lulo - Click here to Read

 Dragon fruits – Click here to Read

Dragon Fruit - Click here to Read

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: February 25, 2016

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