Calorie Intake

Calorie Intake

Calories play a big role in our weight loss program. One can go meatless, consume organic food, gluten free, protein diet, eat super food etc and still will not lose weight. When you gain weight, it is the case that you have necessarily eaten more than you expended.  If you overeat and consume more calories than you should have fat storing enzymes will become active. These enzymes store fat and will make it more hard for you as you feel discouraged.

Remember: Food selection: Your food selection matters for weight loss. Not all calories are equal in all foods and moreover, “you are what you eat”.  If you plan to lose weight, then eat healthy, high quality nutritious food and watch for your calorie intake.

Recent studies show that people generally plateau early in the weight-loss process, not because of a metabolic slowdown, although that does occur, but because they do not adhere to calorie-reduced diet plans consistently long term.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: July 30, 2021

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